Research Interests:

  1. Condensed-Matter physics

  2. Density-functional theory “and beyond” methods

  3. Ab initio molecular dynamics and thermodynamics

  4. Nuclear quantum effects

  5. Applications on biomolecules and bio-systems in general

Other interests:

  1. Tap dancing

  2. Forró and Samba de Gafieira

  3. Music: Jazz, Bossa Nova, and Samba

  4. Cats


I am currently an Otto Hahn group leader in the Theory department of the Fritz Haber Institut of the Max Planck Society, in Berlin, Germany. For more information about our the Simulations from Ab Initio Approaches (SAbIA) group, please visit our webpage.

Also please follow other links in this webpage for updated lists of publications and other information.

Contact information:

Dr. Mariana Rossi

Fritz Haber Institut of the Max Planck Society

T 0.15

14195 Berlin, Germany

Phone: +49 30 84134839


Last updated: March 2016