Department of Physical Chemistry, Fritz Haber Institute of the MPG 

Lattice Dynamics Group

Alex Paarmann
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Welcome to the web site of the Lattice Dynamics group! 

Our group is interested in optical phonons in polar dielectric crystals and their heterostructures. We use various linear and nonlinear mid-infrared to THz spectroscopy techniques, employing the Infrared Free Electron Laser (IR-FEL) at the FHI as an intense and tunable light source.

Using this unique laser, we study phase transitions in complex materials, for instance correlated oxides, by means of the nonlinear-optical response enhanced at optical phonon resonances. Additionally, we develop new platforms for infrared-to-THz nanophotonics based on surface phonon polaritons, supported in sub-diffractional nanostructures and excited via prism coupling. We also currently develop an experimental end station for FEL-based surface-specific vibrational sum-frequency generation which will, for instance, allow us to study transient species in surface chemistry.