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Department of
Physical Chemistry
Fritz Haber Institute
Campen, Dr. R. Kramer

email:  r.k.campenfmpg
phone:  +49 30 8413-5230
fax:  +49 30 8413-5206
office:  room no. 2170
Fabeckstraße 62
14195 Berlin
mail:  Faradayweg 4–6
14195 Berlin
Curriculum vitæ          
Employment:   Aug. 2011 – present: research group leader
Interfacial Molecular Spectroscopy Group
Department of Physical Chemistry, Fritz Haber Institute, Berlin
    (Prof. Martin Wolf)
Aug. 2007 – Aug. 2011: postdoctoral researcher
Biosurface Spectroscopy Group, FOM Institute AMOLF, Amsterdam
    (Prof. Mischa Bonn)
Education: Pennsylvania State University.
Ph.D. thesis, Geosciences (Aug. 2007):
From Angstroms to Microns: Studies of Interfaces and Macromolecules with Geochemical Implications Using Computational and Nonlinear Optical Tools.
    (Prof. James D. Kubicki, Geosciences, Penn State;
     Prof. Eric Borguet, Chemistry, Temple University)
M.S. thesis, Geosciences (May 2000):
Trapped in a South American Ice Core: Paleoatmospheric Composition and Inferred Microbial Activity.
    (Prof. Todd Sowers, EESI, Penn State)
Amherst College, Amherst, Massachusetts.
B.A. thesis, Russian (May 1996):
The Tolstoyan Imperative: to be original and relevant.
    (Prof. Catherine Ciepela, Russian Dept.)
Six week field season in Antarctica spent at the Siple Dome field station and camping at several automatic weather stations on the Ross Ice Shelf. Tasks included digging snow pits, installing thermocouple grids to measure the propagation of surface temperature changes into snow and conducting melting experiments.
Affiliations:   American Chemical Society;
Geological Society of America;
American Geophysical Union;
Geochemical Society.