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Open positions:
  • PostDoc-Positions (general information):
    There are continuous opportunities for a postdoctoral position in various research fields in our department. Funding for a postdoctoral stay can come from different agencies. For example, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is a very commendible source for postdoctorate associates from abroad (age under 40). This funding includes a number of special benefits, such as a language program. However, it takes some time to process. Do ask us for forms and projects, indicating your special field of interest.
    Please contact Martin Wolf. 
  • Diploma / Master-Thesis:
    There always are opportunities in various fields. Please contact Martin Wolf.

Specific vacancies in individual groups:

There are open positions in:
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    There are no specific open positions in other research groups at this time,
    but you are always welcome to contact a research group of your interest directly.
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