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Locations of thesis defence and other meetings at the
 the Physics Department of the Freie Universität Berlin 

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Some doctoral students of the FHI are registered at the Physics Department of the FU Berlin. 
The defense of their theses then typically takes place in an auditorium of that Department, shown on the map on the left. 
Some other meetings, in which the PC Depwrtment of the FHI is involved, may take place there too. 

The bicycle parking racks are located in a break under the building, with access to the court yard (to the left) and to the staircases.

However, one has to carry one’s bicycle from the sidewalk up the stairs before the building entrance to reach the parking racks.
  There is an entrance for someone on a wheelchair right next to Hörsaal B (see above), which can be reached from the road over a sloped path (see below).
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From the map below you can figure out how to get there from either the FHI campus, from Fabeckstraße 62, or from the subway (U-Bahn):
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