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Department office:

     Manuel Krüger

Room: G 1.07
Tel.: 8413-5112
Fax: 8413-5106 
     Ines Bressel
Mon.–Thu. half-days
Room: G 1.07
Tel.: 8413-5102
Fax: 8413-5106 

The in-coming mail is in the pigeonhole-distributor cupboard in the copying room G 1.16 (in the middle of the first floor), besides the “pccopy” printer.

About Us:

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    Abteilung Physikalische Chemie

    Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft

    Faradayweg 4–6

    14195 Berlin


    Fax: [+49 / 0]30 8413-5106

Before June 2017, major parts of the Department were located on the first floor of Building A, while some of the research groups were partly or entirely in other parts of the campus, in Buildings D, F, and R (see campus map), or were temporarily housed in one of the 1st-floor wings of the former Klinik und Poliklinik für Audiologie und Phoniatrie at Fabeckstraße 62.
Now, the Department has moved to the newly built Building G (see Map of building complex below), where you will also find the Department Office on the first floor, in room G 1.07.
On weekends and during holidays, you may like to consult the reception desk in Building B (right across the circle from building G)

How to get there:

The U-Bahn (subway) line U3 station “Freie Universität/Thielplatz” is immediately north of the Institute's campus on Faradayweg — see also the map on the “Locations of Department Seminars” page.
More detailed instructions how to reach the Institute by various means of transport are in the FHI how-to-reach-us page.

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