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S. Fabretti, M. Scheuch, T. Kampfrath, C. Frischkorn, M. Wolf, P. Thomas, and A. Thomas:
Fabrication of superconducting MgB2 thin films and characterization by THz-transmission spectroscopy,
DPG-Verhandlungen: Dresden, 13–18 March 2011, [contribution: TT 10.8].
M. Scheuch, L. Perfetti, C. Frischkorn, Martin Wolf, and T. Kampfrath:
Insights into the phase diagram of high-temperature superconductors obtained by terahertz spectroscopy,
DPG-Verhandlungen: Dresden, 13–18 March 2011, [contribution: TT 10.33].
M. Scheuch, K. von Volkmann, L. Perfetti, T. Kampfrath, C. Frischkorn, and M. Wolf:
Phonon dynamics in graphite observed with time-resolved terahertz spectroscopy,
DPG-Verhandlungen: Dresden, 13–18 March 2011, [contribution: HL 44.9].
K. von Volkmann, T. Kampfrath, M. Krenz, A. Grujic, C. Frischkorn, and M. Wolf:
Ultrafast relaxation dynamics of coherent optical phonons in -quartz,
DPG-Verhandlungen: Regensburg, 21–26 March 2010, [contribution: HL 60.34].
M. Scheuch, L. Perfetti, T. Kampfrath, C. Frischkorn, and M. Wolf:
Calorimetry of high-Tc superconductors at different doping levels obtained with ultrafast spectroscopy,
DPG-Verhandlungen: Regensburg, 21–26 March 2010, [contribution: TT 9.1].
T. Kampfrath:
Magnetic Light-Matter Interaction At Highest Frequencies,
Kolloquium Optik und Kondensierte Materie, Winter Semester 2009/2010, Institut für Angewandte Physik, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn [8 Dec. 2009, abs.].
T.F. Krauss, D.M. Beggs, T.P. White, L. O’Faolain, T. Kampfrath, and L. (K.) Kuipers:
Ultracompact Switches and Modulators Based on Slow Light in Photonic Crystals,
Slow and Fast Light — Joint IPNRA/SL Session: Slow Light Effects in Integrated Photonics Structures, Honolulu, Hawaii, July 17, 2009, [contribution abs.].
C. Frischkorn, T. Kampfrath, L. Perfetti, P. Tegeder, M. Wolf, D.O. Gericke:
Ultrafast Electron Relaxation Dynamics In Laser-Ionized Gases Observed with Time-Resolved THz Spectroscopy,
International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves (IRMMW-THz) 2008 “Terahertz for Life”, September 15–19, 2008, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena,
[conf. prog. pdf, 9.5 MB, there on p. 37 of 132].
T. Kampfrath:
Structure function relationship in new materials probed by advanced VUV and X-ray spectroscopy,
Berliner Elektronenspeicherring-Gesellschaft für Synchrotronstrahlung (BESSY),
Monday Seminar: [28 Jul. 2008].
T. Kampfrath:
Charge and spin dynamics in solids and gases probed with THz spectroscopy,
Seminar Short pulse spectroscopy of Molecules, Clusters and Interfaces, Max Born Institute, Berlin Adlershof, [Seminar: 11 Jan.2007].
T. Kampfrath:
Charge and Spin Dynamics Proped with THz-Spectroscopy,
SFB 689 Seminars “Spin Phenomena in Reduced Dimensions”, Universität Regenburg, Fakultät für Physik [Seminar prog. pdf, 40 kB, see 24 Jan. 2007].
T. Kampfrath, L. Perfetti, M. Wolf:
Ultrafast dynamics of the mid-infrared response of carbon nanotubes,
2006 American Physical Society (APS) Meeting, March 13–17, 2006; Baltimore,
[contribution: H18.00009].