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Job opportunities

We are continuously looking for talented students who are interested in working on a Master or PhD project in terahertz physics, for example on terahertz spintronics or terahertz photonics. In our group, you will work

  • With cutting-edge femtosecond laser and optics technology
  • To reveal ultrafast dynamics in exciting material systems such as spintronic nanostructures, topological insulators and complex liquids
  • In a dynamical team and environment at the Freie Universitšt Berlin and the nearby Fritz Haber Insitute of the Max Planck Society.

Master and bachelor works

Please contact Tobias Kampfrath

PhD candidates

Send an email to Tobias Kampfrath with your CV, transcripts and a short (less than half a page) statement of motivation of how your research interests fit into the Terahertz Physics Lab.