Department of Physical Chemistry Fritz Haber Institute of the MPG
Construction of Building G              
in place of former Buildings G, H & J               
 ·  1956  ·  1960–2011  ·  2013  ·  2014/1–5  ·  2014/6–7  ·  2014/8–12  ·  2015  ·  2016  ·  NEW  · 
Viewing into the Past:
Former buildings G and H were originally planned in one complex with Building F. These were to house the Institute for Electron Microscopy (Building F), the library (G) and the auditorium (H). Building J was added much later to provide additional space for the workshops in the basement of Building H.

Right: the 1956 plan model of—from left to right—Buildings H, G & F.
Below: The groundstone (for Building F) was laid down on July 5, 1957:

Left: By winter 1959-1960, Buildings G and F were ready.

Below: The construction site for Building H was fenced in (left),
and by Feb. 1961 construction was on its way (right).
Right: Inside the library in Building G (1963)       
Below: In the auditorium in Building H, September 1986,
            an International Conference was held (left);
the participants posed on the entrance steps (right).   

     Sky view of (left to right) Buildings J, H and G, April 2011

The reconstruction plans were completed by September 2013. 
Right: The planned new Building G within the campus.

Deconstruction of Buildings G, H, and J:

September 2013:

  the construction area is fenced in 
Diggings and dismantlings begin:            Above: September–October 2013
  Left: November 18
Right: Buildings J, H, & G,  
November 28, 2013  

  Below (1st row):
December 2013  
Final demolishment of the old buildings: 
Former Building J:

Left: February 3, 2014,
less than half of it is left.
Right: February 6,
now it’s all gone.  
              Next in line is former Building H, which was demolished in less than a week’s time: 
February 16 February 18 February 19
              Finally the old Building G too is going, going, gone ... (February 20 – 24, 2014) 
Preparing the grounds: Below: March 5, 2014;
Below:  March 23, 2014:  the entire construction grounds have been leveled-out.
Below:  April 12, 2014,  excavations for the planned basements are in progress.  
Construction of new Building G: the basement
The crane had been erected
by June 9,  2014
Above (last row):  June 14; 
     Left & right:  June 19, 2014:
iron grids under the office section.    
  Right:  June 27, 2014:
the iron grids are now in concrete.    
Below: (1st row); July 6
Below:  July 17, 2014:  the basement rooms of the office section are taking shape, while (on the right) iron grids are laid under the laser-lab section

July 23, 2014:
Cement is poured into the iron-grid-filled fundament of the laser-lab.       
Right:  at 11:45 and 12:50 respectively;       
Below right:  at 15:45.       
Below left & middle:  ca. 11:50.
Below: July 31, 2014:  the iron concrete of the basement ceilings is done.
Construction of the
      above-ground stories: 
On the plan, the offices are lilac, the labs ochre:
Below: August 4, 2014:
  August 15, 2014: the ground floor is being topped
Right:  view from Building F.    
Below:  view from Building A 
Below:  September 1, 2014:  the first floor is taking shape.

Below & right:  September 16, 2014:  the second floor of the offices section is taking shape.

Below & right:  October 10, 2014: the second floor of the offices section, and
of part of the laser-lab section, have been topped.      

     Left, below & right:
   November 21, 2014: the entrance hall and the labs have been topped.      
                         Below:   December 5, 2014,  the “topping-out” ceremony. 
    before the ceremony.  
    the official part.
    speech of the
    the festive meal.
The final phase:  Fitting out. 

   Right & below:
March 20,  2015
Above & below:    August 28, 2015

Above, left & below: 
March 10,  

Below-right: May 16, 2016
Right, left & below: August 2–3, 2016
Above, left & below:  December 27, 2016
Right and below: March 25,  2017
Right:  April 17, 2017

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