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A picture history of Building A
 ·  1913 & 1917  ·  1928  ·  1944  ·  1996  ·  2008–2009  ·  2010  ·  2011  ·  2012  ·  2013  · 
The forerunner of the present Fritz Haber Institute was established in October 1912 as the “Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry”.
The Institute was housed in a late work of the architect Ernst von Ihne, consisting of two interconnected buildings, the three-storied front building presently designated building A, and the two-storied present building C, with a connecting passage that is now building B.
(see the 1912 plan of the ground floor on the right)
Buildings A and C on photographs that were taken in 1913 (above); 
and in 1917 (on the right).
The photographic view of building A on the left was taken at around 1928. 
During the war, building A experienced some damage. This side-view detail from a photo taken in 1944 shows it undergoing major reconstruction.
At that occasion,  the top of the building was rebuilt without the pyramidal tower roofs.
After a postwar interim period, during which it figured as the “Forschungsgruppe Dahlem” in the American sector, the Institute was incorporated into the Max Planck Society in 1953, at which occasion it was also renamed the Fritz Haber Institute.
On the right: Building A at around 1996

It was decided in the year 2008 that Building A would be completely reconstructed. 
Besides substantial changes in the interior of the building, the two original towers were to be restored. 
See also: architecture buro site

Top right:

work began in June 2009, when the building was fenced in, and “no trepassing” signs hung all around.

  Left: October 2008 shortly before evacuation.
    Building A underwent complete reconstruction (2009 – 2010) 
    [click on the above or the left to follow the reconstruction progress]  
    Below: after the reconstruction: views from different angles (September 5, 2010).
  below: walking down from the 1st floor.

Building A inauguration ceremony                     

(December 13, 2010)                     

more photos (FHI-access only)
Below: a panoramic picture from the park across the FHI (December 2010); Building A is in the center background. 
  Springtime 2011 has come to the Fritz Haber Institute
Left: memorial plaque in the groundfloor hall of building A
(click on it for an enlargement)
Below: the same panoramic view in early April 2011.
  Left: The wheelchair ramp in front of buildings A & B was ready in mid April.  
Below: at summer solstice, the grass in front of building A is resolutely reclaiming its territory.
Celebration of the FHI Centennial

(28 October 2011)


Top: Airview at around 1930.
Right: Airview in November 2011.
Click here for a front view of Building A
Below: the panoramic view from the park in November 2011.
The sky was blue on October 3, 2012.
And it was blue again on October 21, 2012, with
the roadside trees east of Building A in autumnal gold (bottom left).
So too the Haber linden tree
(picture on the right).
  Just a week later, the trees along the road side had lost most of their foliage, opening a wider view on Building A from the east (above).
— October 28, 2012 —
In the yard to the west of Building A, some of the trees had lost their leaves too, while others still glowed in red-and-gold splendor (picture on the right). 

View from the park lot of the FU Institute for Chemistry and Bio- chemistry.
November 2, 2012
  View from the court yard
on an overcast wintery
Febuary 10, 2013.

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