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Director: Martin Wolf    Emeritus: Gerhard Ertl (Nobel laureate)   Research: 
Research concentrates on the dynamics of elementary processes at surfaces and in solids, in particular ultrafast dynamics of electronic excitations and interfacial charge transfer, surface reactions and molecular processes in nanoscale systems and phenomena of nonlinear dynamics. 
Research Groups: 
Nanoscale Surface Chemistry
Takashi Kumagai Ultrafast Scanning Probe Microscopy
Melanie Müller Lattice Dynamics
Alex Paarmann           THz-Driven Molecular Dynamics
Mohsen Sajadi Nonlinear Spectro-Electrochemistry
Yujin Tong Click here to see former groups 
Max Planck Research Group: 
Electron Dynamiχ
A. Julia Stähler ERC Groups:  
Interfacial Molecular Spectroscopy
Kramer Campen Structural & Electronic Surface Dynamics
Ralph Ernstorfer Terahertz Physics
Tobias Kampfrath Emmy Noether Group:  
Dynamics of Correlated Materials
Laurenz Rettig          

•  The Physics-studies Prize 2018
 has been awarded to Daniela Zahn
•  Hot-electrons-induced atomic disorder in Au nanoclusters
Publication of Thomas Vasileiadis et al. ,
•  Watching the first steps of magnetic information transport
Publication of Tom Seifert et al. ,
Upcoming Seminars: Mon., 22 Oct. 2018, 11:00, Room G 2.06, Department seminar:
Toshio Ando (Kanazawa University),
High-speed atomic force microscopy for observing biological molecules in dynamic action” Wed., 24 Oct. 2018, 11:00, Room G 2.06, Department seminar:
Vladimir Fridkin (Russian Academy of Sciences),
The First Observation of Shift and Ballistic Photovoltaic Currents in the Noncentrosymmetric Crystals” 
Upcoming Events:  Mon. 17 Dec. 2018, 17:30 in Willstätter-Haus 
 Christmas Party
 of the PC Dept. and Mechanics Workshop 
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