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Marvin is Now a Doctor! - Nov '18



Setup Move to DESY (Hamburg) - Nov '18



Japan (SPring-8) - Jun '18



Japan (SPring-8) - Jan '18

Together with Zhong Yin from ETH Zürich we performed the first liquid-jet experiments from aqueous salt solutions at the SPring-8 synchrotron facility near Osaka (Japan) at the high-resolution RIXS setup operated by the Yoshi Harada group. Also, Jan-Erik Rubensson from Uppsala, and colleagues from MAX IV joined in this enterprise. The three-day/24 hours beamtime ran smoothly and we obtained exciting results. But before the duty we met Stephan Thürmer in Kyoto who was a great companion and guided us through the city. We also visited Toshi Suzuki at Kyoto University to hear about the liquid-jet laser experiments, and to report on our works at FHI in a seminar.


A New Analyzer - Dec '17

Today we got an early Christmas present. Vincent from Scienta Omicron visited us to help us install our freshly arrived electron analyzer. The new analyzer will be the heart of our new setup at FHI. Its ability to detect electrons at high pressures up to 20 mbar (for water) will enable new possibilities for experiments at the liquid–gas interface. 500 kg stainless steel can be tricky to handle, but we all gave our best to put the analyzer at the right spot.


Beamtime at DESY - Nov '17

Measuring at DESY P64 beamline was our first experience with the liquid jet using hard X-rays. Together with Zhong and Thomas from ETH Zürich we were looking at RIXS from iron 1s excitation. We hope to learn something about iron complexation in aqueous solution with this technique. At the last day Zhong took us to Hamburg where we were visiting the Elbphilharmonie and (after a short Fischbrötchen break) the Harbor.


Visiting Prague - Oct '17

Pavel invited us to Prague to proudly present his advances in liquefying ammonia. Tillmann and Phil succeeded to stabilize the condensed NH3 in a vessel. As a next step they plan to run the volatile ammonia through a capillary to create a liquid jet. The basic idea is to create large amounts of solvated electrons by dissolving sodium in the liquid ammonia. Their work is already a great achievement on the way to measure photoelectron spectra of solvated electrons.