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Department of Molecular Physics

Stefan Truppe


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9 August 2017
First laser system to produce up to 200 mW of 227nm light is installed.

2 August 2017
Successfully moved the molecular synchrotron from Amsterdam to Berlin

1 August 2017
Installed a doubled pulsed dye amplifier (seeded by a Ti:Sapph laser) to excite the molecules to the 3Pi state and found a state selective 1+1 REMPI scheme to ionize the molecules via the c3Sigma state using the pulsed dye laser.

18 July 2017
First signal of our new favourite molecule: AlF. We drive the a3Pi1<-X1Sigma transition near 367 nm with a doubled pulsed dye laser and ionize the molecules with an excimer laser.

June 2017
Supersonic beam machine and time-of-flight mass spectrometer for first spectroscopy experiments is ready for operation.

2 May 2017
First day at the new lab. Thanks for the great welcome!


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