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Dept. of Molecular Physics-Publications 1994

Publications 1994

Bao, S., Ph. Hofmann, K.-M. Schindler, V. Fritzsche, A.M. Bradshaw, D.P. Woodruff, C. Casado and M.C. Asensio
Determination of the local adsorption structure of acetylene on Ni(111)
Surf. Sci. 307-309, 722-727 (1994)

Bao, S., Ph. Hofmann, K.-M. Schindler, V. Fritzsche, A.M. Bradshaw, D.P. Woodruff, C. Casado and M.C. Asensio
Following the changes in local geometry associated with a surface reaction: the dehydrogenation of ethylene
J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 6, L93-L98 (1994)

Baier, S., A.N. Grum-Grzhimailo and N.M. Kabachnik
Angular distribution of photoelectrons in resonant photoionization of polarized atoms
J. Phys. B 27, 3363-3388 (1994)

Becker, U. and R. Wehlitz
Auger spectroscopy at low kinetic energies
J. Electron Spectrosc. Relat. Phenom. 67, 341-361 (1994)

Bradshaw, A.M.
Interaction of photons with surfaces
Surf. Sci. 299/300, 49-63 (1994)

Bradshaw, A.M. and D.P. Woodruff
Structure determination of molecular adsorbates using photoelectron diffraction
In: Applications of Synchrotron Radiation: High Resolution Studies of Molecules and Molecular Adsorbates on Surfaces, Ed. W. Eberhardt. Springer, Berlin 1994, 127-169.

Chassé, Th., J. Paggel, G. Neuhold, W. Theis and K. Horn
Photoemission study of the Cs/GaP(110) interface at low temperatures
Surf. Sci. 307-309, 295-302 (1994)

Davila, M.E., M.C. Asensio, D.P. Woodruff, K.-M. Schindler, Ph. Hofmann, K.-U. Weiss, R.Dippel, P. Gardner, V. Fritzsche, A.M. Bradshaw, J.C. Conesa and A.R. González-Elipe
Structure determination of Ni(111)c(4x2)-CO and its implication for the interpretation of vibrational spectroscopic data
Surf. Sci. 311, 337-348 (1994)

David, R., P. Stoppmanns, S.W. Yu, R. Kuntze, N. Müller and U. Heinzmann
Circularly polarized undulator radiation from the new crossed double-undulator beamline at BESSY and its first use for spin resolved Auger electron emission spectroscopy
Nucl. Instr. Meth. A 343, 650-654 (1994)

Davis, R., X.-M. Hu, D.P. Woodruff, K.-U. Weiss, R. Dippel, K.-M. Schindler, Ph. Hofmann, V. Fritzsche and A.M. Bradshaw
Photoelectron diffraction investigation of the adsorption site and local structure for potassium on Ni(111)
Surf. Sci. 307-309, 632-638 (1994)

Evans, D.A. and K. Horn
Quantisation of valence states observed in small Ag islands on the GaAs(110) surface
Surf. Sci. 307-309, 321-327 (1994)

Fritzsche, V., S. Bao, Ph. Hofmann, M. Polcik, K.-M. Schindler, A.M. Bradshaw, R. Davis and D.P. Woodruff
The adsorption site of pyridine on Ni{111} determined by low-energy photoelectron diffraction
Surf. Sci. 319, L1-L6 (1994)

Fritzsche, V., R. Davis, X.-M. Hu, D.P. Woodruff, K.-U. Weiss, R. Dippel, K.-M. Schindler, Ph. Hofmann and A.M. Bradshaw
Initial-state effects in scanned-energy- mode photoelectron diffraction
Phys. Rev. B 49, 7729-7733 (1994)

Hartmann, N., R. Imbihl and W. Vogel
Experimental evidence for an oxidation/reduction mechanism in rate oscillations of catalytic CO oxidation on Pt/SiO2
Catal. Lett. 28, 373-381 (1994)

Heiser, F., S.B. Whitfield, J. Viefhaus, U. Becker, P.A. Heimann and D.A. Shirley
Threshold and near-threshold photoelectron spectroscopy around the Ar K edge
J. Phys. B 27, 19-31 (1994)

Hemmers, O., F. Heiser, J. Eiben, R. Wehlitz and U. Becker
Variation of the C(KVV) Auger angular distribution in the C(1s)s* resonance of CO
Nucl. Instrum. Meth. B 87, 209-214 (1994)

Hofmann, Ph., S. Bao, K.-M. Schindler, O. Schaff, M. Polcik, V. Fritzsche, A.M. Bradshaw, R. Davis and D.P. Woodruff
The potassium-induced reconstruction of Cu{110}: The K atom adsorption site
Surf. Sci. 319, L7-L12 (1994)

Hofmann, Ph., K.-M. Schindler, S. Bao, A.M. Bradshaw and D.P. Woodruff
Direct identification of atomic and molecular adsorption sites using photoelectron diffraction
Nature 368, 131-132 (1994)

Hofmann, Ph., K.-M. Schindler, S. Bao, V. Fritzsche, D.E. Ricken, A.M. Bradshaw and D.P. Woodruff
The geometric structure of the methoxy species on Cu(111)
Surf. Sci. 304, 74-84 (1994)

Hofmann, Ph., K.-M. Schindler, V. Fritzsche, S. Bao, A.M. Bradshaw and D.P. Woodruff
Experimental tests of new direct methods for adsorbate structure determination using photoelectron diffraction
J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A 12, 2045-2050 (1994)

Kabachnik, N.M., J. Tulkki, H. Aksela and S. Ricz
Coherence and correlation in the anisotropy of Ne KL-LLL satellite Auger decay
Phys. Rev. A 49, 4653-4659 (1994)

Kessler, B., N. Müller, B. Schmiedeskamp and U. Heinzmann
Identification of Xe-interface states in the Xe(111)/Pt(111) system by spin-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy
Solid State Commun. 90, 523-526 (1994)

Kuntze, R., M. Salzmann, N. Böwering and U. Heinzmann
Spin polarization of Auger and of photoelectrons from barium atoms exposed to circularly polarized radiation and their crosscomparison
Z. Phys. D 30, 235-237 (1994)

Kuntze, R., M. Salzmann, N. Böwering, U. Heinzmann, V.K. Ivanov and N.M. Kabachnik
Spin polarization spectroscopy of Auger- and photoelectrons in 5p ionization of barium atoms
Phys. Rev. A 50, 489-495 (1995)

Lamont, C.L.A., M. Borbach, W. Stenzel, H. Conrad and A.M. Bradshaw
The adsorption and dehydrogenation of cyclohexane on the (1x1) and (5x20) surfaces of Pt{100}
Chem. Phys. Lett. 230, 265-270 (1994)

Müssig, H.-J., W. Stenzel, Y. Song and H. Conrad
Hydrogen adsorption of Rh(110) studied by high resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy
Surf. Sci. 311, 295-307 (1994)

Öfner, H., R. Hofmann, J. Kraft, F.P. Netzer, J.J. Paggel and K. Horn
Metal overlayer-induced charge transfer effects in thin SiO2-Si structures
Phys. Rev. B 50, 15120-15125 (1994)

Paggel, J.J. and M. Förster
An artefact in scanning tunneling microscopy images of highly oriented pyrolytic graphite
Appl. Phys. A 59, 419-425 (1994)

Paggel, J.J., W. Theis, K. Horn, Ch. Jung, C. Hellwig and H. Petersen
Correlation of surface core levels and structural building blocks for the Si(111)-7x7 reconstruction through high-resolution core-level spectroscopy
Phys. Rev. B 50, 18686-18689 (1994)

Pangher, N., A. Schmalz and J. Haase
Structure determination of water chemisorbed on Ni(110) by use of x-ray-absorption fine-structure measurements
Chem. Phys. Lett. 221, 189-193 (1994)

Salzmann, M., N. Böwering, H.W. Klausing, R. Kuntze and U. Heinzmann
Spin resolved photoelectron spectroscopy of HBr in the resonance region
J. Phys. B 27, 1981-1992 (1994)

Sanz, J.M., A.R. González-Elipe, A. Fernández, D. Leinen, L. Galán, A. Stampfl and A.M. Bradshaw
A resonant photoemission study of the ZrO2 valence band
Surf. Sci. 307-309, 848-853 (1994)

Schmalz, A., S. Aminpirooz, J. Haase, D.R. Batchelor, M.M. Nielsen, E. Bøgh and D.L. Adams
Structure of the quasihexagonal close-packed (4x4) Na layer on Al(111): a SEXAFS study
Surf. Sci. 301, L211-L216 (1994)

Sotobayashi, H.
The LIGA process - micromachining techniques
J. Photopolymer Sci. and Technol. 7, 1-16 (1994)

Stoppmanns, P., R. David, N. Müller and U. Heinzmann
Angle and spin-resolved Auger and photoelectron spectroscopy on Rb-layers by means of circularly polarized VUV radiation
Z. Phys. D 30, 251-253 (1994)

Stoppmanns, P., R. David, N. Müller, U. Heinzmann, H. Grieb and J. Noffke
Symmetry characterization of unoccupied states in thick alkaline layers by spin resolved Auger electron spectroscopy using primary excitation by circularly polarized light
J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 6, 4225-4232 (1994)

Swich, W., W. Engel, C.S. Rastomjee, A.K. Schmid, B. Rausenberger, A.M. Bradshaw and E. Zeitler
Investigation of surface reaction fronts via simultaneous photoemission electron microscopy (PEEM) and divergent incidence LEED
Electron Microscopy 2B, 1069-1070 (1994)

Swich, W., C.S. Rastomjee, R. Imbihl, J.W. Evans, B. Rausenberger, W. Engel, A.K. Schmid, A.M. Bradshaw and E. Zeitler
On the complex structure of reaction-diffusion fronts observed during CO oxidation on Pt{100}
Surf. Sci. 307-309, 138-142 (1994)

Tulkki, J., H. Aksela and N.M. Kabachnik
The influence of initial- and final-state configuration interaction on the anisotropy of resonant Auger decay of Kr 3d-15p and Xe 4d-16p states
Phys. Rev. A 50, 2366-2375 (1994)

Watson, G.M., P.A. Brühwiler, H.J. Sagner, K.H. Frank and E.W. Plummer
Observation of a discontinuous nonmetal-to-metal disorder-to-order transition in an alkali overlayer
Phys. Rev. B 50, 17678-17681 (1994)

Werner, H., Th. Schedel-Niedrig, M. Wohlers, D. Herein, B. Herzog, R. Schlögl, M. Keil, A.M. Bradshaw and J. Kirschner
Reaction of molecular oxygen with C60: Spectroscopic studies
J. Chem. Soc. Faraday Trans. 90, 403-409 (1994)

Whitfield, S.B., U. Hergenhahn, N.M. Kabachnik, B. Langer, J. Tulkki and U. Becker
Angular anisotropy in the resonant Auger decay of 2p-photoexcited Mg
Phys. Rev. A 50, R3569-R3572 (1994)

Whitfield, S.B., M.O. Krause, P. van der Meulen and C.D. Caldwell
High-resolution photoelectron spectrometry of atomic manganese from the region of the 3pÆ3d giant resonance to 120 eV
Phys. Rev. A 50, 1269-1286 (1994)

Whitfield, S.B., B. Langer, J. Viefhaus, R. Wehlitz, N. Berrah, W. Mahler and U. Becker
The photon energy dependence of the 5p4nd(2S1/2)(n=5-7) correlation satellites in Xe from 40.8 to 150 eV
J. Phys. B 27, L359-L366 (1994)

Wilde, L., N. Pangher and J. Haase
Structure determination of Ni(110)-(2x3)-N by use of SEXAFS measurements: on-surface and sub-surface sites on a pseudo-(100) reconstructed surface
Surf. Sci. 316, L1093-L1098 (1994)

Woodruff, D.P. and A.M. Bradshaw
Adsorbate structure determination on surfaces using photoelectron diffraction
Rep. Prog. Phys. 57, 1029-1080 (1994)

Ziegler, Ch., Th. Schedel-Niedrig, G. Beamson, D.T. Clark, W.R. Salaneck, H. Sotobayashi and A.M. Bradshaw
An x-ray absorption study of highly oriented poly(tetrafluoroethylene) thin films
Langmuir 10, 4399-4402 (1994)


 Dippel, R.
Strukturuntersuchungen an Adsorbatsystemen mittels Photoelektronenbeugung
TU Berlin 1994

Dzidzonou, V.
Untersuchung der Innerschalen- und Valenzionisation kleiner Moleküle mittels Synchrotronstrahlung
TU Berlin 1994

Hofmann, Ph.
Strukturbestimmung von Adsorbatsystemen mit Photoelektronenbeugung
TU Berlin 1994

Keil, M.
Elektronische Struktur und Morphologie von geordneten Polymermonolagen
TU Berlin 1994

Martin, R.
Schwingungsspektroskopie an adsorbierten Molekülen auf rekonstruierten Oberflächen
TU Berlin 1994

Menzel, A.
Winkelaufgelöste Photoelektronenspektroskopie zur Untersuchung von Zerfallsprozessen innerschalenangeregter Atome und Moleküle
TU Berlin 1994

Paggel, J.
Elektronische und geometrische Struktur von Metall/Halbleiter-Grenzflächen: Na/Si(111)
FU Berlin 1994

Schmalz, A.
Untersuchung von Struktur und Bindung dünner Natriumschichten auf Aluminium-Einkristalloberflächen mittels Röntgenabsorptionsspektroskopie
TU Berlin 1994


 Hasselblatt, M.
Präparation und Untersuchung der wasserstoffterminierten Silizium (111)-Oberfläche
FU Berlin Berlin 1994

Hess, G.
Photoelektronenbeugungs-Untersuchungen an adsorbierten Molekülen
FU Berlin1994

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