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Asmis, K.R., G. Meijer, M. Brümmer, C. Kaposta, G. Santambrogio, L. Wöste and J. Sauer
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Journal of Physical Chemistry B
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Friedrich, B.
... Hasn't it? A commentary on Eric Scerri's paper "Has quantum mechanics explained the periodic table?"
now published under the title "Just how ab initio is ab initio quantum chemistry?"
Foundations of Chemistry 6(1), 117-132 (2004).

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A quasi-analytic model of a linear Stark accelerator/decelerator for polar molecules
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Physics: Charging atoms, one by one
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Physical Review Letters 93, 33002-1-4 (2004)

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Journal of Chemical Physics 121, 15, 7259-7268 (2004).

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TU Berlin 2004

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FU Berlin 2004.

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TU Berlin 2004.

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