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Dept. of Molecular Physics-Publications 2001

Publications 2001

Aballe, L., C. Rogero, S. Gokhale, S. Kulkarni and K. Horn
Quantum-well states in ultrathin aluminium films on Si(111)
Surface Science 482-485, 488-494 (2001)

Aballe, L., C. Rogero, P. Kratzer, S. Gokhale and K. Horn
Probing interface electronic structure with overlayer quantum-well resonances: Al/Si(111)
Physical Review Letters 87, 156801(4) (2001)

Bao, S., R. Lindsay, M. Polcik, A. Theobald, T. Gießel, O. Schaff, P. Baumgärtel, R. Terborg, A.M. Bradshaw, N.A. Booth and D.P. Woodruff
Local structure determination for benzene/NO coadsorption on Ni(111) using scanned-energy mode photoelectrondiffraction
Surface Science 478, 35-48 (2001)

Barman, S.R., P. Häberle, K. Horn, J.A. Maytorena and A. Liebsch
Quantum well behavior without confining barrier observed via dynamically screened photon field
Physical Review Letters 86, 5108-5111 (2001)

Barman, S.R., C. Stampfl, P. Häberle, W. Ibañez, Y.Q. Cai and K. Horn
Collective excitations in alkali metals on Al
Physical Review B 64, 195410(13) (2001)

Becker, U. and A. Crowe (Eds.)
Complete Scattering Experiments
Plenum Press, New York 2001, 279 pages

Böttcher, A.
Chemisorptive exoemission induced by vibrationally excited N2O molecules
Langmuir 17, 3348-3354 (2001)

Böttcher, A., H. Conrad and H. Niehus
Thermal rearrangement of oxygen adsorbed on oxygen-rich Ru(0001)
Surface Science 478, 229-239 (2001)

Böttcher, A. and H. Niehus
Chemisorptive electron emission versus sticking probability
Physical Review B 64, 045407(7) (2001)

Böwering, N., T. Lischke, B. Schmidtke, N. Müller, T. Khalil and U. Heinzmann
Asymmetry in photoelectron emission from chiral molecules induced by circularly polarized light
Physical Review Letters 86, 1187-1190 (2001)

Bonn M., C. Hess, J.H. Miners, T.F. Heinz, H.J. Bakker and M. Cho
Novel surface vibrational spectroscopy: Infrared-infrared-visible sum-frequency generation
Physical Review Letters 86, 1566-1569 (2001)

Cooper, L., L.G. Shpinkova, E.E. Rennie, D.M.P. Holland and D.A. Shaw
Time-of-flight mass spectrometry study of the fragmentation of valence shell ionised nitrobenzene
International Journal of Mass Spectrometry 207, 223-239 (2001)

Driver, S.M., J.-T. Hoeft, M. Polcik, M. Kittel, R. Terborg, R.L. Toomes, J.-H. Kang and D.P. Woodruff
Cu(100)c(2x2)-N: a new type of adsorbate-induced surface reconstruction
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 13, L601-L606 (2001

Ebert, Ph., P. Quadbeck, K. Urban, B. Henninger, K. Horn, G. Schwarz, J. Neugebauer and M. Scheffler
Identification of surface anion antisite defects in (110) surfaces of III-V semiconductors
Applied Physics Letters 79, 2877-2879 (2001)

Evans, D.A., H.J. Steiner, R. Middleton, T.S. Jones, C.H. Chen, K. Horn, S. Park, Th. Kampen, D. Tenne, D.R.T. Zahn, A. Patchett, I.T. McGovern
In-situ monitoring of the growth of copper phthalocyne films on InSb by organic molecular beam deposition
Applied Surface Science 175, 374-378 (2001)

Häberle, P., W. Ibañez, S.R. Barman, Y.Q. Cai and K. Horn
Photoexcited collective modes in thin alkali layers adsorbed on Al
Nuclear Instruments and Methods B 182, 102-108 (2001)

Hebalkar, N., A. Lobo, S.R. Sainkar, S.D. Pradhan, W. Vogel, J. Urban and S.K. Kulkarni
Properties of zinc sulphide nanoparticles stabilized in silica
Journal of Materials Science 36, 4377-4384 (2001)

Hergenhahn, U., O. Kugeler, A. Rüdel, E.E. Rennie and A.M. Bradshaw
Symmetry-selective observation of the N 1s shape resonance in N2
Journal of Physical Chemistry A 105, 5704-5708 (2001)

Hirschmugl, C.J., G. Paolucci, F. Esch, S. Lizzit and K.-M. Schindler
Vibrational fine structure on C 1s core-level photoemission: Ni(111)-ethyne and Ni(111)-2-butyne
Surface Science 488, 43-51 (2001)

Hoeft, J.T., M. Kittel, M. Polcik, S. Bao, R.L. Toomes, J.-H. Kang, D.P. Woodruff, M. Pascal and C.L.A. Lamont
Molecular adsorption bond lengths at metal oxide surfaces: Failure of current theoretical methods
Physical Review Letters 87, 086101(4) (2001)

Hoeft, J.T., M. Polcik, M. Kittel, R. Terborg, R.L. Toomes, J.-H. Kang and D. P. Woodruff
Photoelectron diffraction structure determination of Cu(100)c(2x2)-N
Surface Science 492, 1-10 (2001)

Holland, D.M.P., D.A. Shaw, I. Sumner, M.A. Hayes, R.A. Mackie, B. Wannberg, L.G. Shpinkova, E.E. Rennie, L.Cooper, C.A.F. Johnson and J.E. Parker
The design and performance of a threshold-photoelectron-photoion coincidence spectrometer for the study of unimolecular decomposition in polyatomic ions
Nuclear Instruments and Methods 179, 436-454 (2001)

Kang, J.-H., R.L. Toomes, J. Robinson, D.P. Woodruff, R. Terborg, M. Polcik, J.T. Hoeft, P. Baumgärtel and A.M. Bradshaw
Local structure of CO coadsorbed with O on Ni(111): a temperature-dependent study
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 105, 3701-3707 (2001)

Kittel, M., M. Polcik, R. Terborg, J.-T. Hoeft, P. Baumgärtel, A.M. Bradshaw, R.L. Toomes, J.-H. Kang, D.P. Woodruff, M. Pascal, C.L.A. Lamont and E. Rotenberg
The structure of oxygen on Cu(100) at low and high coverages
Surface Science 470, 311-324 (2001

Kivimäki, A., U. Hergenhahn, B. Kempgens, R. Hentges, M.N. Piancastelli, K. Maier, A. Rüdel, J.J. Tulkki and A.M. Bradshaw:
Near-threshold study of Xe 3d photoionization
Physical Review A 63, 012716(7) (2001)

Meißen, F., A.J. Patchett, R. Imbihl and A.M. Bradshaw
Novel types of spatio-temporal patterns in catalytic CO oxidation on a facetted Pt(110) surface
Chemical Physics Letters 336, 181-186 (2001)

Mertens, A., K. Maass, S. Lederer, H. Winter, H. Eder, J. Stöckl, H.P. Winter, F. Aumayr, J. Viefhaus and U. Becker
Studies on electron emission during grazing impact of keV-hydrogen atoms on a LiF(001) surface via translational spectroscopy
Nuclear Instruments and Methods B 182, 23-28 (2001)

Moré, S., A.P. Seitsonen, W. Berndt and A.M. Bradshaw
Ordered phases of Na adsorbed on Pt(111): Experiment and theory.
Physical Review B 63, 075406(8) (2001)

Muiño, R.D., D. Rolles, F.J.García de Abajo, F. Starrost, W. Schattke, C.S. Fadley and M.A. Van Hove
Multiple scattering theory for non-spherical potentials: application to photoelectron angular distributions from oriented diatomic molecules and the study of shape resonances
Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 114-116, 99-105 (2001)

Pascal, M., C.L.A. Lamont, M. Kittel, J.T. Hoeft, R. Terborg, M. Polcik, J.H. Kang, R. Toomes and D.P. Woodruff
Quantitative structural determination of the high coverage phase of the benzoate species on Cu(110)
Surface Science 492, 285-293 (2001)

Pascual, J.I., J.J. Jackiw, Z. Song, P.S. Weiss, H. Conrad and H.-P. Rust
Adsorbate-substrate vibrational modes of benzene on Ag(110) resolved with scanning tunneling spectroscopy
Physical Review Letters 86, 1050-1053 (2001)

Pascual, J.I., Z. Song, J.J. Jackiw, K. Horn and H.-P. Rust
Visualization of surface electronic structure: Dispersion of surface states of Ag(110)
Physical Review B 63, 241103(4) (2001)

Pinna N, Weiss K, Sack-Kongehl H, Vogel W, Urban J, and Pileni MP.
Triangular CdS nanocrystals: Synthesis, characterization, and stability
Langmuir. 17, 7982-7987 (2001)

Prümper, G., O. Geßner, B. Zimmermann, J. Viefhaus, R. Hentges, H. Kleinpoppen and U. Becker
Absorption of circularly polarized VUV radiation in polarized iron vapor
Journal of Physics B 34, 2707-2714 (2001)

Prümper, G., B. Zimmermann, N.A. Cherepkov, U. Becker and H. Kleinpoppen
Complete photoionization experiments using polarized atoms
Complete Scattering Experiments, (Eds.) U. Becker, A. Crowe. Plenum Press, New York 2001, 141-154

Reetz, M.T., M. Winter, R. Breinbauer, Th. Thurn-Albrecht and W. Vogel
Size-selective electrochemical preparation of surfactant-stabilized Pd-, Ni- and Pt/Pd colloids
Chemistry European Journal 7, 1084-1094 (2001)

Rennie, E.E., L. Cooper, C.A.F. Johnson, J.E. Parker, R.A. Mackie, L.G. Shpinkova, D.M.P. Holland, D.A. Shaw and M.A. Hayes
A study of the unimolecular decomposition of internal-energy-selected furan molecular ions by threshold-photoelectron-photoion coincidence spectroscopy
Chemical Physics 263, 149-165 (2001)

Rolles, D., R.D. Muino, F.J.G. de Abajo, C.S. Fadley and M.A. Van Hove
Elastic scattering of low-energy electrons by randomly oriented and aligned molecules - Influence of full non-spherical potentials.
Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 114, 107-113 (2001)

Rust, H.-P., M. Doering, J.I. Pascual, T.P. Pearl and P.S. Weiss
Temperature control of a liquid helium-cooled Eigler-style scanning tunneling microscope
Review of Scientific Instruments 72, 4393-4397 (2001)

Sanchez-Portal, D., E. Artacho, J.I. Pascual, J. Gomez-Herrero, R.M. Martin and J.M. Soler
First principles study of the adsorption of C60 on Si(111)
Surface Science 482, 39-43 (2001)

Snell, G., U. Hergenhahn, N. Müller, M. Drescher, J. Viefhaus, U. Becker and U. Heinzmann
Study of xenon 4d, 5p, and 5s photoionization in the shape-resonance region using spin-resolved electron spectroscopy
Physical Review A 63, 032712(15) (2001)

Song, Z., J.I. Pascual, H. Conrad, K. Horn and H.-P. Rust
Imaging surface electronic structure of NiAl(110) using low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy
Applied Physics A 72, S159-S162 (2001)

Song, Z., J.I. Pascual, H. Conrad, K. Horn and H.-P. Rust
Surface states of d character imaged by scanning tunneling microscopy
Surface Science 491, 39-47 (2001)

Starke, U., J. Schardt, W. Weiss, W. Meier, C. Polop, P.L. de Andres and K. Heinz
Structural and compositional reversible phase transitions on low-index Fe3Si surfaces
Europhysics Letters 56, 822-828 (2001)

Terborg, R., M. Polcik, R.L. Toomes, P. Baumgärtel, J.-T. Hoeft, A.M. Bradshaw and D.P. Woodruff
Photoelectron diffraction determination of the local adsorption geometry of CO on Cu(210)
Surface Science 473, 203-212 (2001)

Vogel, W., V. Le Rhun, E. Garnier and N. Alonso-Vante
Ru clusters synthesized chemically from dissolved carbonyl: In situ study of a novel electrocatalyst in the gas phase and in electrochemical environment
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 105, 5238-5243 (2001)

Woodruff, D.P.
Chemical-state-specific surface structure determination
Surface Science 482-485, 49-59 (2001)

Woodruff, D.P.
Chemical-state specificity in surface structure determination.
Applied Physics A 72, 421-428 (2001)

Woodruff, D.P.
Photoelectron diffraction and surface structure
Encyclopedia of Materials: Science and Technology, (Eds.) K.H.J. Buschow, R.W. Cahn, M.C. Flemings, B. Ilschner, E.J. Kramer, S. Mahajan. Elsevier Science, Amsterdam, 2001, 6925 - 6929

Woodruff, D.P., P. Baumgärtel, J.T. Hoeft, M. Kittel and M. Polcik
Direct methods in photoelectron diffraction: experiences and lessons learnt based on the use of the projection method
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 13, 10625-10645 (2001)

Zimmermann, B., G. Snell, B. Schmidke, J. Viefhaus, N.A. Cherepkov, B. Langer, M. Drescher, N. Müller, U. Heinzmann and U. Becker
Interchannel interaction versus relativistic effects: Xe 5p photoionization revisited
Physical Review A 64, 062501(5) (2001)


Aballe, L.
Electronic structure and quantum size effects in ultrathin metal films
FU Berlin 2001

Jackiw, J.J.
Exploration of Nanoscale Structures and Properties
The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA, USA 2001

Meißen, F.
Untersuchung der Musterbildung bei der katalytischen CO-Oxidation auf Pt{110} mittels Niederenergie-Elektronenmikroskopie
TU Berlin 2001

Rüdel, A.
Elektronenspektroskopische Untersuchungen zur Photoionisationsdynamik freier Moleküle nach Anregung mit Synchrotron-strahlung
TU Berlin 2001

Terborg, R.
Photoelektronenbeugungsuntersuchungen an Adsorbatsystemen
TU Berlin 2001.

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