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Amusia, M.Ya., A.S. Baltenkov and U. Becker
Strong oscillations in the photoionization of 5s electrons in Xe@C60 endohedral atoms
Physical Review A 62, 012701-1-4 (2000)

Barman, S.R., C. Stampfl, P. Häberle and K. Horn
Photon-excited collective modes in a surface alloy
Physical Review B 61, 12721-12724 (2000)

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Structure determination of ammonia on Cu(111)
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 104, 3044-3049 (2000)

Becker, U.
Angle-resolved electron-electron-ion coincidence spectroscopy - new tools for photoionization studies
Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 112, 47-65 (2000)

Becker, U., O. Gessner and A. Rüdel
Photoelectron scattering in molecules and fullerenes
Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 108, 189-201 (2000)

Böttcher, A.
N2 abstraction during the chemisorption of N2O on Cs films
Langmuir 16, 8858-8864 (2000)

Böttcher, A., H. Conrad and H. Niehus
Characterization of oxygen phases created during oxidation of Ru(0001)
Journal of Chemical Physics 112, 4779-4787 (2000)

Böttcher, A., H. Conrad and H. Niehus
Reactivity of oxygen phases created by the high temperature oxidation of Ru(0001)
Surface Science 452, 125-132 (2000)

Böttcher, A., B. Krenzer, H. Conrad and H. Niehus
Mesoscopic-scale pattern formation induced by oxidation of Ru(0001)
Surface Science 466, L811-820 (2000)

Bonn, M., C. Hess, S. Funk, J.H. Miners, B.N.J. Persson, M. Wolf and G. Ertl
Femtosecond surface vibrational spectroscopy of CO adsorbed on Ru(001) during desorption
Physical Review Letters 84, 4653-4656 (2000)

Casaletto, M.P., R. Zanoni, M. Carbone, M.N. Piancastelli, L. Aballe, K. Weiss and K. Horn
Ethylene adsorption on Si(100)(2x1): A high resolution photoemission study
Physical Review B 62, 17128-17133 (2000)

Casaletto, M.P., R. Zanoni, M. Carbone, M.N. Piancastelli, L. Aballe, K. Weiss and K. Horn
High resolution photoemission study of ethanol on Si(100)-(2x1)
Surface Science 447, 237-244 (2000)

Ebert, P., K. Urban, L. Aballe, C.H. Chen, K. Horn, G. Schwarz, J. Neugebauer and M. Scheffler
Symmetric versus nonsymmetric structure of the phosphorus vacancy on InP(110)
Physical Review Letters 84, 5816-5819 (2000)

Horn, K.
Electronic structure of semiconductor surfaces
In: Handbook of Surface Science. Vol. 2.  Eds.: K. Horn and M. Scheffler (2000) p. 384-431

Horn, K.
Photoemission studies of barrier heights in metal-semiconductor interfaces and heterojunctions
Applied Surface Science 166, 1-11 (2000)

Kang, J.-H., R.L. Toomes, J. Robinson, D.P. Woodruff, O. Schaff, R. Terborg, R. Lindsay, P. Baumgärtel and A.M. Bradshaw
The local adsorption geometry of benzene on Ni(110) at low coverage
Surface Science 448, 23-32 (2000)

Masin, M., Z. Chvoj and H. Conrad
Diffusion on a face-centred (111) surface in the presence of two non-equivalent adsorption sites
Surface Science 457, 185-198 (2000)

Miners, J.H. and P. Gardner
The detect-mediated mechanism of the high temperature oscillatory NO plus CO reaction on Pt{100} as revealed by real-time in-situ vibrational spectroscopy
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 104, 10265-10270 (2000)

Moreno, M., M. Alonso, M. Horicke, R. Hey, K. Horn, J.L. Sacedón and K.H. Ploog
Photoemission results on intralayer insertion at III-V/III-V junctions: A critical appraisal of the different interpretations
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B 18, 2128-2138 (2000)

Moreno, M., M. Alonso, J.L. Sacedon, M. Horicke, R. Hey, K. Horn and K.H. Ploog
Si and Be intralayers at GaAs/AlAs and GaAs/GaAs junctions: Low-temperature photoemission measurements
Physical Review B 61, 16060-16067 (2000)

Neeb, M., A. Kivimäki, B. Kempgens, H.M. Köppe, K. Maier, A.M. Bradshaw and N. Kosugi
Partial electron yield spectrum of N2: doubly excited states at the K-shell threshold
Chemical Physics Letters 320, 217-221 (2000)

Pascal, M., C.L.A. Lamont, P. Baumgärtel, R. Terborg, J.T. Hoeft, O. Schaff, M. Polcik, A.M. Bradshaw, R.L. Toomes and D.P. Woodruff
Photoelectron diffraction study of the Ag(110)(2x1)-O reconstruction
Surface Science 464, 83-90 (2000)

Pascual, J.I., J. Gomez-Herrero, A.M. Baro, D. Sanchez-Portal, E. Artacho, P. Ordejon and J.M. Soler
Comment on "identifying molecular orientation of individual C60 on a Si(111)-(7x7) surface"
Physical Review Letters 85, 2653 (2000)

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Physical Review B 62, 12632-12635 (2000)

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The anatomy of reaction diffusion fronts in the catalytic oxidation of carbon monoxide on platinum (110)
Surface Science 454-456, 341-346 (2000)

Prümper, G., B. Zimmermann, B. Langer, J. Viefhaus, R. Hentges, N.A. Cherepkov, B. Schmidtke, M. Drescher, U. Heinzmann, U. Becker and H. Kleinpoppen
Sudden interchannel coupling in the Tl 6p ionization above the 5d threshold
Physical Review Letters 85, 5074-5077 (2000)

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A comprehensive photoabsorption, photoionization, and shake-up excitation study of the C 1s cross section of benzene
Journal of Chemical Physics 113, 7362-7375 (2000)

Rotenberg, E., W. Theis, K. Horn and P. Gille
Quasicrystalline valence bands in decagonal AlNiCo
Nature 406, 602-605 (2000)

Saito, N., A. Hempelmann, F. Heiser, O. Hemmers, J. Viefhaus, K. Wieliczek, J. Viefhaus and U. Becker
Lifetime effects on the dissociation of core-excited N2 and CO molecules
Physical  Review A 6102, 2709-2712 (2000)

Slezak, J., M. Ondrejcek, Z. Chvoj, V. Cháb, H. Conrad, S. Heun, Th. Schmidt, B. Ressel and K.C. Prince
Surface diffusion of Au on Si(111): a microscopic study
Physical Review B 61, 16121-16128 (2000)

Snell, G., J. Viefhaus, F.B. Dunning and N. Berrah
Microsphere plate detectors used with a compact Mott polarimeter for time-of-flight studies
Review of Scientific Instruments 71, 2608-2609 (2000)

Terborg, R., P. Baumgärtel, R. Lindsay, O. Schaff, T. Gießel, J.T. Hoeft, M. Polcik, R.L. Toomes, S. Kulkarni, A.M. Bradshaw and D.P. Woodruff
Local adsorption geometry of acetylene on Si(100)(2x1)
Physical Review B 61, 16697-16703 (2000)

Terborg, R., J.T. Hoeft, M. Polcik, R. Lindsay, O. Schaff, A.M. Bradshaw, R. Toomes, N.A. Booth, D.P. Woodruff, E. Rotenberg and J. Denlinger
The coverage dependence of the local structure of C on Ni(100): a structural precursor to adsorbate-induced reconstruction
Surface Science 446, 301-313 (2000)

Terborg, R., M. Polcik, J.T. Hoeft, M. Kittel, M. Pascal, J.H. Kang, C. Lamont, A.M. Bradshaw and D.P. Woodruff
Local adsorption geometry of 2-methyl-pyridine on Cu(110) determined by photoelectron diffraction
Surface Science 457, 1-10 (2000)

Toomes, R.L., R. Lindsay, P. Baumgärtel, R. Terborg, J.-T. Hoeft, A. Koebbel, O. Schaff, M. Polcik, J. Robinson, D.P. Woodruff, A.M. Bradshaw and R.M. Lambert
Structure determination of propyne and 3,3,3-trifluoropropyne on Cu(111)
Journal of Chemical Physics 112, 7591-7599 (2000)

Toomes, R.L., J. Robinson, S.M. Driver, D.P. Woodruff, P. Baumgärtel, T. Gießel, R. Lindsay, O. Schaff and A.M. Bradshaw
Photoelectron diffraction investigation of the local adsorption site of N on  Cu(111)
J. Phys. Condens. Matter 12, 3981-3991 (2000)

Toomes, R.L., D.P. Woodruff, M. Polcik, S. Bao, Ph. Hofmann and K.-M. Schindler
Is PEXAFS really PhD?
Surface Science 445, 300-308 (2000)

Vogel, W., P H. Borse, N. Deshkmukh and S.K. Kulkarni
Structure and stability of mono-disperse 1.4 nm ZnS particles stabilized by mercaptoethanol
Langmuir 16, 2032-2037 (2000)

Yoshida, H., K. Ueda, N.M. Kabachnik, Y. Shimizu, A. Senba, Y. Tamenorfi, H. Ohashi, I. Koyano, I.H. Suzuki, R. Hentges, J. Viefhaus and U. Becker
Angle-resolved study of the Auger electron cascades following the 1s Æ 3p photoexcitation of Ne
Journal of Physics B 33, 4343-4352 (2000)

Wolfframm, D., D.A. Evans, G. Neuhold and K. Horn
Gold and silver Schottky barriers on ZnS(110)
Journal of Applied Physics 87, 3905-3911 (2000)


Baumgärtel, P.
Untersuchungen der Adsorption von kleinen Molekülen auf Metalloberflächen mittels Photoelektronenbeugung
TU Berlin 2000

Borusík, O.
Surface diffusion of Cu and Ag on Mo{110} studied by photoelectron emission microscopy
Czech Technical University Prag 2000

Krenzer, B.
Schwingungsspektroskopische Untersuchungen der Adsorption und Reaktion von CO2 und O2 auf Ag{110} und Ru{0001}
FU Berlin 2000

Zimmermann, B.
Vollständige Experimente in der atomaren und molekularen Photoionisation
TU Berlin 2000

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