Open Positions

Diploma (Master's) and PhD positions in Molecular Physics are available in the Research Group of Bretislav Friedrich.

The research of Bretislav Friedrich's Research Group revolves around interactions of molecules with electric, magnetic, and optical fields and with their combinations. The following specific research topics are currently being pursued: (1) manipulation of molecules by means of external fields, (2) molecular collisions in fields, (3) spectroscopy and imaging of molecules in fields, (4) cold/slow molecules, (5) quantum computing with molecules, (6) supersymmetry of the molecular Stark and Zeeman effects. Although chiefly theoretical (with a predilection for an analytic approach), the research is closely linked to ongoing experiments. For more, see Research.

The research is chiefly theoretical, with close links to ongoing experiments in laboratories world-wide.

The subject of the Master's or PhD thesis will be related to one or more of the above topics and defined upon agreement with the graduate student.

On completion of their work, the students submit their theses to the Technische Universität Berlin.

The students are eligible for standard financial assistance.

For further information, please contact Prof. Bretislav Friedrich.


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