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4th Ringberg meeting
on Molecular Physics

List of Participants

Invited Guests

Jens BredenbeckU FrankfurtMultidimensional IR Spectroscopy - Chemistry and Biophysics in Realtime
Gerrit GroenenboomRadboud U NijmegenCold collisions and cold chemistry
Martina HavenithU BochumHigh resolution spectroscopy of molecules in Helium nanodroplets
Ulf LehnertFZ DresdenRF Accelerators and Free-Electron Lasers
Takamasa MomoseU of British ColumbiaQuantum condensed phases as matrices for high resolution spectroscopy
Tilman PfauU StuttgartNovel interactions in quantum gases
Henrik StapelfeldtU AarhusLaser aligned and oriented molecules: Methods and applications
Roland WesterU FreiburgMolecular reaction dynamics at low energies

Members of the FHI

Bergmann, RishuProbing Microhydration of Inorganic Ions by Gas Phase Vibrational Spectroscopy
Becker, UweEvidence for a violation of Bell's inequality in a localization based EPR-experiment
Bertsche, BennySelection of molecules by speed and/or rotational state (talk)
Bierau, FraukeIsolation of charged biomolecules in helium nanodroplets and investigation of the conformational structure (talk)
Conrad, Horst
Duraisamy, Amudha KumariAC electric trapping of rubidium atoms
Fielicke, AndreStructures of neutral gold clusters
Filsinger, FrankManipulating large neutral molecules with electric fields
Friedrich, BretislavProbing Feshbach molecules with nonresonant laser fields
Gewinner, Sandy
Grätz, FabianMolecule-Surface Scattering with Velocity-Controlled Molecular Beams (talk)
Haak, Henrik 
Härtelt, MarkoStructures of partially oxidized metal cluster cations (talk)
Heiner, CynthiaA two-piece synchrotron for neutral molecules
Helden, Gert von
Hoekstra, StevenElectrostatic and magnetic trapping of Stark-decelerated NH molecules
Kirste, MoritzNO/OH collisions using two Stark decelerators (talk)
Küpper, JochenCoherent diffractive imaging of conformer selected and oriented (bio-)molecules
Kupser, PeterSecondary structure of polyalanine peptides in vacuo
Lemeshko, MikhailShaking of Feshbach molecules by nonresonant fields (talk)
Lyon, Jonathan T.Structure determination of silicon clusters in the gas phase: an infrared spectroscopy and theoretical investigation
Marian, AdelaThe small decelerator, Poster: AC trap (talk)
Meek, SamA stark decelerator on a chip (talk)
Meijer, Gerard
Merz, SimonA Microwave lense for polar molecules in highfield seeking states
Osterwalder, AndreasMacrostructure
Putzke, StephanAG-Deceleration of large molecules
Riedel, JensUncovering a spectrally hidden REMPI band by ion imaging spectroscopy
Santambrogio, GabrieleA New Apparatus for High-Sensitive Infrared Spectroscopy of Mass-Selected Cluster Ions—Effective Cooling by Interaction with He Droplets
Scharfenberg, Ludwig
Schewe, ChristianFocussing of a Helium atom beam by reflection from a concave surface (talk)
Schöllkopf, WielandF3EL poster
van de Meerakker, Bas
Wende, TorstenGas Phase Vibrational Spectroscopy of Suberate Dianions (talk)
Zhao, Bum SukHelium beam optics: reflection and focussing
Zieger, PeterA Molecular Synchrotron


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