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Spectroscopy and chemistry of metal clusters and cluster complexes


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on Molecular Physics

See here for our old web page at the TU Berlin. We are back at the FHI since April 2017.

Spectroscopy and chemistry of metal clusters and cluster complexes

The group in Feb 2018, from left: Alan, David, Andre, Jenny

We apply spectroscopic tools for the investigation of strongly bound clusters in the gas phase to elucidate their geometric (and electronic) structures. Our main target is to obtain a fundamental understanding for the often unusual chemical properties of nano-scale materials.

Eine Zusammenfassung unserer Arbeiten in deutscher Sprache findet sich im Tätigkeitsbericht des FHI innerhalb des Jahrbuches der MPG 2009.

Structure of B13+

Jan 2017: Communication in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Structure and Fluxionality of B13+ Probed by Infrared Photodissociation Spectroscopy

frontispiece Eur Chem J

March 2014: Invited Concept article in Chemistry - A European Journal: Platinum group metal clusters: from gas-phase structures and reactivities towards model catalysts


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