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October 2019
A Milestone: we achieved chiral sensitivity in our spectrometer!

1 September 2019
Welcome to Ju Hyeon Lee! She is starting as a PhD student today! Ju Hyeon finished her Master's degree at UNIST, South Korea.

29 August 2019
Congratulations to Jenny Langenhan! She successfully defended her Master's thesis today!

July 2019
A Milestone: we recorded our first microwave spectrum!

April 2019
Welcome to our new group member Johannes Bischoff who is starting as a PhD student! Johannes completed his Master's degree in physics at the University of Vienna.

November 2018
Welcome to our new group members, Alicia Hernandez Castillo, who is working with us as a Postdoc and Jennifer Langenhan, who is starting her Master's thesis!

June 2018
Congratulations to Johanna Hofmann! She received the Otto Hahn Medal for her outstanding PhD thesis.

March 2018
Congratulations to Johanna Hofmann! She has been awarded the Wolfgang Paul Student Award of the German Mass Spectrometry Society for her PhD thesis.

2 January 2018
Happy new year! This is the first day of the Eibenberger group at the Fritz Haber Institute!


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