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Development of manipulation and trapping elements for polar molecules

An AC-trap For Polar Molecules

Polar molecules in low-field seeking states can be trapped at the minimum of a electric field. A maximum of the electric field in free space, which would allow trapping of molecules in high-field seeking states, is not allowed by Maxwell's equations. It is, on the other hand, possible to create a cylindrically symmetric geometry having a maximum in the radial direction and a minimum in the axial direction, or vice versa. Switching between these two saddle point configurations results in a field that confines molecules in both low-field and high-field seeking states.

A Molecular Synchrotron

Rather than trapping particles in a trap, as is common in atomic physics, particles can also be stored in rings. We have developed a synchrotron for low-energy neutral molecules composed of two hexapole half-rings separated by a gap. Every time the molecules pass through the gap, the electric fields are switched such as to accelerate or decelerate, and focus the molecules in the longitudinal direction.

A Molecular Fountain

Ultimately the resolution of any measurement is limited by the time a molecule spends in the measuring device. In collaboration with the Laser Centre Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, a molecular fountain is being set up. In this device a beam of molecules is decelerated and cooled using switched electric fields and subsequently directed upwards. The molecules will fly upwards some 30 cm before falling back under gravity, thereby passing a microwave cavity twice; as they move up and down. In this way the effective interrogation time is half a second, allowing for a very high accuracy.

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Rick Bethlem

Group Leader 0049-30-8413 5741 / FHI
0031-20-598 7951 /VU
Cynthia Heiner PhD Student 0049-30-8413 5731 / FHI
Jacqueline van
PhD Student 0049-30-8413 5732 / FHI

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David Carty Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory, Oxford, United Kingdom
Floris Crompvoets Philips Electronics Netherlands




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Melanie Schnell PostDoc 0049-30-8413 5604 / FHI


Laser Centre Vrije Universiteit

Rick Bethlem's homepage at VUAmsterdam

FOM-Institute for Plasma Physics

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