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Department of Molecular Physics
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Director:  Prof. Gerard Meijer
Research Groups:
Controlled Molecules
Dr. Sandra Eibenberger-Arias
Spectroscopy and chemistry of metal clusters and cluster complexes
Dr. André Fielicke
Interactions of molecules with fields
Prof. Bretislav Friedrich
Infrared excitation of gas-phase molecules and clusters
Gert von Helden, Ph.D.
Cold and ultracold molecules
Dr. Stefan Truppe
Liquid microjets
Dr. Bernd Winter
Vibrational spectroscopy of gas phase ions
Prof. Knut R. Asmis
Gas Phase analysis of biomolecules
Prof. Kevin Pagel
   FHI Facility Free Electron Laser
Head: Dr. Wieland Schöllkopf

The MP building

The research in the Department of Molecular Physics focuses on the structure and the intra- and inter-molecular dynamics of molecular systems, from diatomic molecules to biological macromolecules, either in isolation or in interaction with their environment. For this, new experimental methods to manipulate and control, to characterise and to spectroscopically investigate these molecular systems are developed and exploited.

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Manuela Misch
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Karin Grassow
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Evelyn Prohn
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