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Emergency Instructions

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Emergency Instructions

Dear colleague, as coworker at our Institute you need to be aware of emergency regulations in the Fritz Haber Institute. You are also required to acquaint yourself with our Check List for Safety at Work, particularly upon beginning your work in the institute.

You also have the possibility of acquainting yourself with various topics related to safety at work with the help of the commercial online safety instruction programme UWEB2000.

For the present, you will find below some general rules and brief hints that should not however be seen as replacements of the existing regulations, i.e. Fire Safety and First Aid.

In all cases where you feel that immediate action is required, call our security service at 4444

Fire Safety

Detailed information about fire protection at the Institute, and rules of behavior in case of fire or fire alarm, is given in the Institute’s Fire-Safety page; the following now are merely some brief schematic simplified instructions:

When you discover a fire, proceed in the following order of priority: Rescue persons — Sound the alarm — Fight the fire, i.e.

Rescue: saving people has priority before fire fighting. If a person is burning, hold him/her down and prevent him/her from running off, smother the fire with fire blankets or by placing the person under a safety shower (when there is one in your lab); self protection comes first.

Alarm: press the fire alarm — call the fire brigade (phone 112): report

  • where the fire occurs
  • what is burning
  • how many people are involved or threatened
  • give your name; wait for confirmation
  • inform the front desk (tel. 4444)

Fighting the fire: Fight the fire only as long as you do not endanger your own safety, and only with appropriate means (fire blankets, fire extinguishers). For burning persons, see above; extinguish burning objects with fire extinguishers; in case of a burning liquid, aim the extinguisher jet over the surface of the liquid (otherwise the burning liquid gets spread over a wide area).

First Aid

Detailed information about first aid at the Institute is provided in German at the Erste-Hilfe-Website. It also provides a listing of all first-aid helpers. The name of the first-aid helper locally in charge can be found on the first-aid cupboard that is closest to your working place. In case of minor injuries or wounds you can of course also help yourself. However, please note this down in the carbon-copy notebook that has been placed in the first-aid cupboard, and be sure to notify the first-aid helper in charge of that cupboard about whatever materials you used (e.g. bandage, plaster, etc.), so that he/she can fetch replacements if necessary.

In case of injuries of more serious consequence, you possibly need to see a "Durchgangsarzt" (i.e. an accident insurance-consultant doctor, licensed by the Professional Trade Associations — die Berufsgenossenschaften); you will find the names and addresses of those that are in the Berlin district of Steglitz-Zehlendorf in our D-Ärzte-List.

You will then also have to hand in an accident report (Unfallanzeige). The corresponding accident form that one has to fill in can be downloaded as Word-document under Documents.

In case of emergency dial:
Security at front desk

In case of fire:


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