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Overview of services

Consulting service

Development - Production
Consulting dialogue with the reseacher
Job assignment
Standard devices
Ready divices
Consulting dialogue with the reseacher
Choice of suitable components or equipment
Price agreements
Acuisition by the ELAB
Component inventory
~ 10,000 parts
Data sheets
Can be
viewed online
Inspection of the device
Job assignment
Acquisition of circuit diagrams and service documents
Ordering spare parts
In-house repairs
Sending off for
out-of-house repairs
Providing substitute equipment
Rentable equipment
200 divices for
short-term use
3 days free of charge, after
that 1% of price per week as
an assistance to bring back
To bridge the
repair time
Short term
For testing
Upgrade training courses
Introduction into
practical electronics
Introduction into electrical technology
Introduction into electrical technology

In recent years, the ELAB has continuously introduced newest developing instruments and production processes. This allowed further dropping development, construction, and fabrication time.

This includes the following features:

Continuously changing demands have made a high degree of flexibility in the development of prototypes imperative. This has been achieved through continuous upgrading of the co-workers and uptodate equipment with hard- and software.

The following examples demonstrate the possibilities of complex developments in the ELAB:

Several older projects continue to be supported:

Altogether 416 Assignments (807 devices or components) were performed in 2001/2002.

The ELAB continues particular technical support for projects such as:

We maintain technical and scientific collaboration with the following universities:

The first meeting of trainers of the entire MPG for electrotechnical professions and electronics laboratories has been organised and conducted in April 2000.

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