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Electronics for Scientists

A series of 1-hour lectures:

WHEN? 9:00 AM on the following Tuesdays: 18.2. 25.2. 3.3. 10.3. 17.3. 24.3.
WHERE? Haber-Villa (Seminar Room)
No registration required.

Lecture 1 Power supplies and loads

Thinking in terms of voltage or current. Ohm's law. Circuit rules. The voltage divider. Floating supplies, batteries, transformers, regulators, switch-mode supplies. Current sources. Wire gauges. Resistance. Output/input impedance. Function generators. Programmable supplies. Setting current/voltage limits. Voltage drops over cables and protection diodes. Power/heat dissipation.

Lecture 2 Filters

Thinking in terms of time or frequency. Measurement bandwidth. Complex impedance. Passive filters. Lowpass, highpass, bandpass, allpass, notch. Frequency response. Phase response. Impulse response. Ringing. Time delay. Active filters. Operational-Amplifiers. Reading op-amp circuits. Op-amp limitations. Troubleshooting.

Lecture 3 Weak signals

Drift. Noise. Signal-to-noise ratio. RF-interference. Twisted pair. Why 50 Ohm? BNC cables. Shielding. Ground loops. Lock-in amplifiers and choppers. Balanced signals. Single-ended vs. differential measurements. Photodiodes and transimpedance amplifiers.

Lecture 4 Safety

Fuses. The earth connection. Earth, ground or chassis? Earth-leakage detector. 3-Phase power. Isolating transformers. Current is deadly. High voltages. Insulation. Arcing. Leakage paths. Back-EMF from switching inductive loads. Heat development. Thermal switches. Under-voltage protection.

Lecture 5 Control

Feedback loops. Stability criteria. Oscillations. Temperature. Thermocouples. Resistive heating. Pulse-width-modulation vs. on/off actuation. Fine-tuning PID parameters. Heating using lasers. Peltier elements for cooling. Motors. Stepper-motor control. Brushless motors. Servo-motors. End-switches. Optical encoders.

Lecture 6 Automation and digitization

Digital gates. Schmitt-trigger. Propagation delay. From flip-flops to counters. Analog-to-digital-conversion. Linearity. Resolution. Nyquist limit. Phase-space sampling method. Data rates. Digital-to-analog conversion. Microcontrollers. Single-board computers with GPIO pins. Limitations of each or advantages in their combination. Distinction to field-programmable-gate arrays (FPGA). Commercial NI-DAQ cards and Labview. Alternative with EPICS.

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