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29. Ab initio Calculation of Proton Scattering from He(1s2s, 1S):a First-principles Wavepacket Study Beyond the Born-Oppenheimer Approximation
Th. Klüner, S. Thiel, V. Staemmler
Journal: J. Phys. B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, Volume: 32, Page: 1, Year: 1999
28. A First Principles Wave Packet Study Beyond the Born-Oppenheimer Approximation
Th. Klüner, S. Thiel, V. Staemmler
Journal: J. Phys. B, Volume: 32, Page: 4931, Year: 1999
27. Collision-induced Chemical Dynamics in Ethanethiol Adsorbed on Au(111)
J. Libuda, G. Scoles
Journal: J. Phys. Chem. B, Volume: 103, Page: 9933, Year: 1999
26. Structure-activity Correlations on Rh/Al2O3 and Rh/TiO2 Thin Film Model Catalysts After Oxidation and Reduction
G. Rupprechter, G. Seeber, H. Goller, K. Hayek
Journal: J. of Catal., Volume: 186, Page: 201, Year: 1999
25. Nanostructural Evolution of High Loading Rh/Lanthana Catalysts Through the Preparation and Reduction Steps
S. Bernal, J. J. Calvino, C. López-Cartes, J. M. Pintado, J. A. Pérez-Omil, J. M. Rodriguez-Izquierdo, K. Hayek, G. Rupprechter
Journal: Catal. Today, Volume: 52, Page: 29, Year: 1999
24. Molecular Studies of Catalytic Reactions on Crystal Surfaces at High Pressures and High Temperatures by Infrared-visible Sum Frequency Generation (SFG) Surface Vibrational Spectroscopy
G. A. Somorjai, G. Rupprechter
Journal: J. Phys. Chem. B, Volume: 103, Page: 1623, Year: 1999
23. Metal-oxide Interaction for Metal Clusters on a Metal-supported Thin Alumina Film
S. Andersson, P.A. Brühwiler, A. Sandell, M. Frank, J. Libuda, A. Giertz, B. Brena, A.J. Maxwell, M. Bäumer, H.-J. Freund, N. Mårtensson
Journal: Surf. Sci. Lett., Volume: 442, Page: L964-L970, Year: 1999
22. IR Investigations of CO2 Adsorption on Chromia Surfaces: Cr2O3(0001)/Cr(110) versus Polycrystalline alpha-Cr2O3
O. Seiferth, K. Wolter, B. Dillmann, G. Klivenyi, H.-J. Freund, D. Scarano, A. Zecchina
Journal: Surf. Sci., Volume: 421, Page: 176-190, Year: 1999
21. Structural Investigation of Pd Clusters on gamma-Al2O3(111)/NiAl(110) with Transmission Electron Microscopy
S.A. Nepijko, M. Klimenkov, M. Adelt, H. Kuhlenbeck, R. Schlögl, H.-J. Freund
Journal: Langmuir, Volume: 15, Page: 5309-5313, Year: 1999
20. Aktueller Forschungsschwerpunkt: Struktur und Reaktivität kleiner Metallpartikel auf Oxidoberflächen
J. Libuda, M. Frank, S. Stempel, M. Bäumer, H.-J. Freund
Page: 514-524, Year: 1999
19. TDS Study of the Bonding of CO and NO to Vacuum Cleaved NiO(100)
R. Wichtendahl, M. Rodrigo-Rodriguez, U. Härtel, H. Kuhlenbeck, H.-J. Freund
Journal: Surf. Sci., Volume: 423, Page: 90-98, Year: 1999
18. Palladium Nanocrystals on Al2O3: Structure and Adhesion Energy
K. H. Hansen, T. Worren, S. Stempel, E. Laegsgaard, M. Bäumer, H.-J. Freund, F. Besenbacher, I. Stensgaard
Journal: Phys. Rev. Lett., Volume: 83, Page: 4120 - 4123, Year: 1999
17. Electronic States of the Cr2O3(0001) Surface from ab initio Embedded Cluster Calculations
J. A. Mejias, V. Staemmler, H.-J. Freund
Journal: J. Phys. Cond. Matter, Volume: 11, Page: 7881-7891, Year: 1999
16. Thermodesorption of CO and NO from Vacuum Cleaved NiO(100) and MgO(100)
R. Wichtendahl, M. Rodriguez-Rodrigo, U. Härtel, H. Kuhlenbeck, H.-J. Freund
Journal: Physica Status Solidi A, Volume: 173, Page: 93-100, Year: 1999
15. FMR Studies on Ultrathin Metallic Films Grown on Al2O3 Surfaces
T. Hill, S. Stempel, T. Risse, M. Bäumer, H.-J. Freund
Journal: J. Magn. Mag. Mater., Volume: 198-199, Page: 354-356, Year: 1999
14. Transmission Electron Microscopy Study of Platinum Clusters on Al2O3/NiAl(110) under the Influence of Electron Irradiation"
S.A. Nepijko, M. Klimenkov, H. Kuhlenbeck, H.-J. Freund
Journal: J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A, Volume: 17, Page: 577-583, Year: 1999
13. Properties and Identification of Oxygen Sites at the V2O5(010) Surface: Theoretical Cluster Studies and Photoemission Experiments
K. Hermann, M. Witko, R. Druzinic, A. Chakrabarti, B. Tepper, M. Elsner, A. Gorschlüter, H. Kuhlenbeck, H.-J. Freund
Journal: J. Electr. Spectr. Rel. Phen., Volume: 98-99, Page: 245-256, Year: 1999
12. Adsorption of Potassium on Cr2O3 (0001) at Ionic and Metallic Coverages and UV-laser-induced Desorption
M. Wilde, I. Beauport, F. Stuhl, K. Al-Shamery, H.-J. Freund
Journal: Phys. Rev. B, Volume: 59, Page: 13401-13412, Year: 1999
11. Angular Distributions of NO in Laser-Induced Desorption from Pt(111)
M. Wilde, K. Fukutani, Y. Murata, M. Kampling, K. Al-Shamery, H.-J. Freund
Journal: Surf. Sci., Volume: 427 - 428, Page: 27-33, Year: 1999
10. Metal Deposits on Well-Ordered Oxide Films
M. Bäumer, H.-J. Freund
Journal: Progress in Surf. Sci., Volume: 61, Page: 127 - 198, Year: 1999
9. Oxide Surfaces
H.-J. Freund
Journal: Faraday Discussion, The Royal Society of Chemistry 2000, Introductory Lecture, Volume: 114, Page: 1 - 31, Year: 1999
8. A Low Stray Light, High Current, Low Energy Electron Source
M. Adelt, R. Körber, W. Drachsel, H.-J. Freund
Journal: Rev. Sci. Instruments, Volume: 70, Page: 3886 - 3888, Year: 1999
7. Catalysis and Surface Science
G. Ertl, H.-J. Freund
Journal: Physics Today, Volume: 52 (January Issue), Page: 32 - 38, Year: 1999
6. Oxide-supported Rh Particle Structure Probed with Carbon Monoxide
M. Frank, R. Kühnemuth, M. Bäumer, H.-J. Freund
Journal: Surf. Sci., Volume: 427 - 428, Page: 288 - 293, Year: 1999
5. Ultraviolet-laser Induced Desorption of NO from the Cr2O3(0001) Surface: Involvement of a Precursor State
M. Wilde, O. Seiferth, K. Al-Shamery, H.-J. Freund
Journal: J. Chem. Phys., Volume: 111, Page: 1158 - 1168, Year: 1999
4. Field Ion Microscopy of Platinum Adatoms Deposited on a Thin Al2O3 Film on NiAl(110)
N. Ernst, B. Duncombe, G. Bozdech, M. Naschitzki, H.-J. Freund
Journal: Ultramicroscopy, Volume: 79, Page: 231 - 238, Year: 1999
3. Photochemistry of Methane on Pd/ Al2O3 Model Catalyst: Control of Photochemistry on Transition Metal Surfaces
K. Watanabe, Y. Matsumoto, M. Kampling, K. Al-Shamery, H.-J. Freund
Journal: Angewandte Chemie Intern. Ed. 38, 2192 - 2194 (1999) Angewandte Chemie 111, 2328 - 2331, Year: 1999
2. NEXAFS Measurements of Molecules Ordering in the Bonding Layers of Liquid Crystalline, Free Standing Films
P. Fortmeier, T. Risse, H. Stegemeyer, H.-J. Freund
Journal: Liq. Cryst., Volume: 26, Page: 1713 - 1716, Year: 1999
1. Changes in the Magnetism of Small Supported Cobalt Particles During the Oxidation Process Observed by Ferromagnetic Resonance
Th. Hill, M. Mozaffari-Afshar, J. Schmidt, T. Risse, H.-J. Freund
Journal: Surf. Sci., Volume: 429, Page: 246 - 254, Year: 1999
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