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Annette Trunschke
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Research Topic:
  Alkaline earth oxides as model catalysts – how doping can work?

Since the late 80‘s alkaline earth compounds have been investigated for oxidative coupling of methane (OCM) where CaO showed the best activity among the alkaline earth oxides. [1] The performance of CaO in the OCM reaction can be enhanced by doping with low valence elements such as alkali metals and also with rare earth oxides. In agreement with studies on MgO, [2] the surface site composition of CaO plays an important role. Not many systematic studies of CaO concerning the reactivity in OCM have been performed. In the current project, CaO doped with transition metals will be prepared applying different synthesis methods. Phase segregation will be avoided. The catalysts will be studied in oxidative coupling of methane. Bulk and surface properties of interesting catalysts will be characterized by adsorption experiments and spectroscopic techniques.

Colored, high-resolution TEM image of MgO
viewed along [1 0 0]. Mono-atomic steps at
the surface are clearly visible and marked
by arrows.

(to see full size, click on the image)
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