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Annette Trunschke
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  Activation of light alkanes over nano-structured oxides
Xuan Li, Sabrina Jung, Pierre Kube, Andreu Ruiz de la Oliva
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ABF-image of MoV M1 oxide.
In addition to the metal atoms (black spots), the oxygen atoms (dark grey spots) are clearly visible within the M1 structure. The white rectangle displays the orthorhombic unit cell. The white dashed lines denote a trigonal intergrowth. Mo-, V-dominating metal, channel, and oxygen sites are highlighted in blue, green, yellow, and red, respectively. In addition, metal sites with high, intermediate, and no distortions are indicated by blue circles, orange squares, and green triangles, respectively.

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Structure and dynamics of supported metal oxide catalysts Hamideh Ahi, Jutta Kröhnert, Teng Fu, Andrey Tarasov
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Metal nano-particles in CO2 activation and oxidation reactions
Marie-Mathilde Millet, Leon Zwiener, Martin Claus, Andrey Tarasov, Maria Dimitrakopoulou, Elias Frei
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Alkaline earth oxides as model catalysts – how doping can work?
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