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Sébastien Cap
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  Determination of absolute charge carrier densities in catalysts under reaction conditions
Maria Heenemann

The goal of this project is the development of a technique for the quantitative determination of charge carrier densities and Hall mobilities in powder catalysts under reaction conditions. In general, the electrical conductivity s is given by the product of the elementary charge e, the charge carrier density N and the Hall mobility µ : σ = e N µ. As a consequence, the absolute charge carrier density can be deduced by measuring the Hall mobility and conductivity. Since 4-contact Hall effect measurements of powders are very difficult due to erroneous contact resistances, Hall mobilities are to be measured with the contactless microwave cavity perturbation technique. For this purpose, we are developing bimodal microwave resonators that enable the investigation of microwave Hall mobilities of powders in a static magnetic field. The measurements are to be performed in a quartz reactor connected to a gas delivery manifold and gas analytics in order to study simultaneously the catalytic performance of the investigated catalyst.
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