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Sébastien Cap
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The principal aim of the electrochemistry group is to study the fundamental physicochemical processes that are involved in energy storage systems for storing intermittent renewable energy. More specifically, we are systematically varying the structural (topography, allotropes) and electronic properties (doping, surface chemical functionalization) of solid state materials, followed by a comprehensive characterization of their consequent functional properties using a variety of complementary in situ or in operando analytical techniques.
The electrochemistry research group, hosted by the Department of Inorganic Chemistry of the FHI, is composed of a team of multidisciplinary scientists performing fundamental and applied experimental research framed within three research areas, namely silicon based anode for lithium ion batteries, water electrolysis, and charge transport characterization across interfaces.

Silicon based anode investigations for lithium ion batteries

Novel nanocarbons for electrochemical energy conversion and storage
Kathleen Nimmrich
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Investigation of the charge storage mechanism of Si thin films
Martin Pradel
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Development of a versatile LP-CVD reactor
David Klein
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Water electrolysis

Development of cost-effective electrocatalysts for the anodic oxygen evolution reaction (OER)
Cyriac Massué
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Charge carrier characterisation

Interfacial charge transport in oxidation catalysts for the selective oxidation of ethane, propane and n-butane
Anna Maria Wernbacher
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Multifrequency noncontact in-situ conductivity measurements of heterogeneous catalysts under working conditions
Maria Heenemann
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Determination of absolute charge carrier densities in catalysts under reaction conditions
Maria Heenemann
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Charge transport in metal/metal oxide composite catalysts under reaction conditions
Elisabeth Wolf
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