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Electrochemistry Group:
Sébastien Cap
Group Members
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We use the following methods and equipment to conduct our research:

  • Microwave cavity perturbation technique for contactless conductivity measurements comprising water-cooled TM110 X band cavity with vacuum-pumped quartz dewar and quartz tube fixed bed reactor

  • Agilent PNA-L Vector Network Analyzer (10 MHz – 20 GHz)

  • Agilent 2 MHz LCR Meter E4980A with Dielectric Test Adapter 16451B

  • Rohde & Schwarz Signal Generator SMB100A (100 kHz – 12.75 Ghz)

  • Stanford Research Systems SR844 RF Lock-In Amplifier (25 kHz – 200 Mhz)

  • Stanford Research Systems DS345/12 Function Generator (0 - 30 MHz)

  • Gas Chromatograph Agilent 7890A with TCD and FID detector

  • Bruker EPR X band Microwave Bridge ER 042 MRH

  • Bruker EPR Console ESP 300E with Signal Channel ER 023M and Field Controller ER 032M

  • Agilent 20 GHz Microwave Frequency Counter 53150A

  • Varian 10“ 1 Ω Electromagnet with 2.7 kW Power Supply Bruker ER 081

  • ZWG 10” 1 Ω Electromagnet

  • A high precision bi-potentiostat with low current option (voltammetry, amperometry and EIS for water splitting and supercapicitors)

  • A 12-channel-potentiostat for routine battery-testing

  • A glovebox for battery experiments and a glovebox for water splitting experiments

  • Photoelectron spectroscopy and tunneling microscopy (in collaboration with the Electronic Structure group)
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