Program for Class WS 2007/08

Modern Methods in Heterogeneous Catalysis Research

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Certificate / Schein

Date Time Instructor Class Title & Presentation File
19.10.07 9:00-10:30 Prof. Klaus Christmann (FU Berlin)
10:45-12:15 Dr. Annette Trunschke (FHI AC)
Surface area and pore size determination
9:00-10:30 Dr. Raimund Horn (FHI-AC) Chemical analysis
10:45-12:15  cancelled
Prof. Robert Schlögl
Catalyst characterization by diffraction methods
2.11.07 9:00-10:30
Dr. Thomas Risse (FHI-CP) ESR spectroscopy of catalytic systems: a primer
10:45-12:15 Dr. Wolfgang Schmidt (MPI-KF Mülheim/Ruhr) Catalyst synthesis
11.11.07 9:00-10:30 Prof. Robert Schlögl (FHI-AC)
Catalyst characterization by microscopy
10:45-12:15 Dr. Martin Sterrer (FHI-CP)
Vibrational spectroscopy
9:00-10:30 Dr. Christian Hess (FHI-AC) Introduction to reaction kinetics
Dr. Malte Behrens (FHI-AC)
Solid state kinetics
23.11.07 9:00-10:30 Prof. Dieter Kolb (U Ulm) Electrocatalysis: experimental techniques and case studies 
10:45-12:15 Dr. Wolfgang Ranke (FHI-AC) Temperature and pressure measurement
30.11.07   9:00-10:30 Dr. Simon R. Bare (UOP LLC)
Methanol to olefins: development of an industrial catalytic process
10:45-12:15 Dr. Katrin Pelzer (FHI-AC)  Principles of solid state NMR and applications in catalysis
9:00-10:30 Dr. Raimund Horn (FHI-AC)
Measurement and analysis of kinetic data
10:45-12:15 Dr. Cornelia Breitkopf (U Leipzig) Microkinetic analysis
9:00-10:30 Dr. Eelco Vogt (Albemarle) Shaping catalysts
Dr. Karsten Reute(FHI-SNWG)
Bridging the pressure gap (in theory)

Date Time Instructor Class Title & Presentation File
11.01.08 9:00-10:30 Prof. Manfred Baerns (FHI-AC) Partial catalytic oxidation 
10:45-12:15 Prof. Udo Kragl (U Rostock)
9:00-10:30 Prof. Horst Kisch (U Erlangen)
Principles of photocatalysis
Prof. Andreas Seidel-Morgenstern (MPI Magdeburg) Catalytic membrane reactors
25.01.08 9:00-10:30 Dr. Christian Linsmeier  (IPP-Garching) X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Dr. Friederike Jentoft (FHI-AC)
Diffuse reflectance IR and UV-vis spectroscopies
9:00-10:45 Dr. Michael Bron (U Bochum) (Electro-)catalysis in fuel cells
can celled
Dr. Hellmut G. Karge (FHI Berlin) Catalysis on zeolites
08.02.08 9:00-10:30 Prof. R. Schlögl, Dr. A. Trunschke SEMINAR TOPICS NOW AVAILABLE
10:45-12:15 Prof. R. Schlögl, Dr. A. Trunschke SEMINAR
15.02.08 9:00-10:30 Prof. Thomas Braun (HU Berlin)
Principles of homogeneous catalysis
Dr. Dirk Rosenthal  (FHI-AC)
Thermal desorption spectroscopy

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