Program for Class WS 2005/06

Modern Methods in Heterogeneous Catalysis Research

Certificate / Schein

Date Time Instructor Class Title & Presentation File
21.10.05 9:00-10:30 Dr. F. Jentoft  (FHI-AC) Introduction
10:45-12:15 Dr. A. Trunschke  (FHI-AC) Strategies targeted to synthesis of meso- and nanostructured oxides with catalytic functions
9:00-10:30 Dr. A. Knop-Gericke  (FHI-AC) Photoelectron spectroscopy in catalysis
10:45-12:15 Dr. D. Wang  (FHI-AC) Electron microscopy in catalysis
4.11.05 9:00-10:30 Dr. E. Irran (TU Berlin) Crystallography and X-ray diffraction
presentation available on request
10:45-12:15 Dr. U. Dingerdissen  (ACA) Combinatorial methods in biocatalysis
11.11.05 9:00-10:30 Prof. M. Hunger (U Stuttgart)
NMR in catalysis
1. M. Hunger, In situ NMR spectroscopy in heterogeneous catalysis, Catal. Today 97 (2004) 3-12.
2. M. Hunger, E. Brunner, NMR spectroscopy, in: Molecular Sieves, Science and Technology, Characterization I, H.G. Karge, J. Weitkamp (Hrsg.), Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 2004, S. 201-293.
3. M. Hunger J. Weitkamp, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, in: In situ spectroscopy of catalysts, E.M. Weckhuysen (Hrsg.), American Scientific Publishers, Stevenson Ranch, CA, 2004, S.177-218.

10:45-12:15 Prof. K. Hermann (FHI-TH)
Surface crystallography
18.11.05  9:00-10:30 Dr. K. Pelzer (FHI-AC) Nanomaterials
10:45-12:15 Dr. W. Ranke (FHI-AC) Adsorption
25.11.05 9:00-10:30 Dr. W. Ranke (FHI-AC) Thermal desorption spectroscopy
10:45-12:15 Dr. D. Walter (TU Berlin)
Thermal analysis
2.12.05  9:00-10:30 Prof. H.H. Rotermund (FHI-PC)
Shedding Light on Surface Reactions:
Real Time Imaging of Pattern Formation during Catalysis
10:45-12:15 Dr. C. Breitkopf (U Leipzig) Diffusion in porous media

9:00-10:30 Dr. F. Jentoft (FHI-AC) Adsorption calorimetry
10:45-12:15 Prof. N. Kruse (ULB, Brussels) Field ion microscopy
9:00-10:30 Prof. R. Schlögl (FHI-AC) Photons: sources, monochromatization, detection
10:45-12:15 Dr. T. Ressler  (FHI-AC) X-ray absorption spectroscopy
Excursion to BESSY - meeting point: entrance lobby at BESSY

Date Time Instructor Class Title & Presentation File
6.01.06 9:00-10:30 Prof. H.J. Freund (FHI-CP)
Model catalysts
10:45-12:15 Dr. C. Hess (FHI-AC) Characterization of porous solids and powders
9:00-10:30 Dr. T. Ressler (FHI-AC) Defect chemistry of solids
10:45-12:15 Dr. G. Rupprechter (FHI-CP)
IR spectroscopy
20.01.06 9:00-10:30 Prof. K. Hermann (FHI-TH)
Vanadium oxide surfaces
10:45-12:15 Dr. R. Dittmeyer (KWI) Kinetic studies and kinetic modelling from a chemical engineer's viewpoint

9:00-10:45 Dr. M. Hilgendorff,  Engelhard Cooperation, Hannover
Catalytic automotive exhaust cleaning
10:45-12:15 Prof. M. Meisel (HU Berlin) Vanadium phosphate and vanadium phosphonate - preparation, structure and catalysis
03.02.06 9:00-10:30 Dr. A. Brückner (ACA Berlin)
UV-vis spectrocopy
10:45-12:15 Dr. A. Brückner (ACA Berlin) Electron paramagnetic resonance
10.02.06 9:00-10:30 Prof. R. Schlögl, Dr. F. Jentoft SEMINAR  FINAL PROGRAM AVAILABLE
10:45-12:15 Prof. R. Schlögl, Dr. F. Jentoft SEMINAR
17.02.06 9:00-10:30 Prof. R. Schomäcker (TU Berlin)
How to build a reactor around a catalyst?
10:45-12:15 Prof. Dr. M. Beller (Leibniz-Insitut für Katalyse, Rostock)
Homogeneous catalysis: basic principles and applications

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