Schedule for SEMINAR
February 13, 2004 (Schlögl, Jentoft)

This seminar will give you the chance to demonstrate what you have learned in the lectures.  You will give a presentation on a particular characterization (analytical) method of your choice.

You can still sign up. Please contact F. Jentoft for a topic.

Here is some further information on how the seminar will proceed:
1. Groups of two: one person will give the presentation, the other person will answer the questions in the discussion.
2. Duration: 10 min per presentation and ca. 5 min of discussion.
3. Content: explain the physical principle of the method and the major components of the instrument, give some examples.
4. Means: blackboard + chalk and up to 3 transparencies (only for examples of data); i.e. NO Powerpoint - Beamer presentations!
Time Topic Team
9:00 N2 adsorption: surface area (BET) and pore size distribution   Shekhah / Kirilenko
9:15 XPS/UPS  Osswald / Rödel
9:30 Vibrational spectroscopy (IR and Raman, EELS)  Willinger / Müller
9:45 TG + DTA + DSC  Aburous
10:15 Coffee & Cake  Lorenz
10:45 X-ray diffraction  Hamid / Muhamad
11:00 TEM & electron diffraction  Steinhauer / Lloyd
11:15 LEED  Szizybalski / Klose
11:30 AFM  Beato / Celaya Sanfiz

last update: February 12, 2004