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Prof. Robert Schlögl
Research Groups:
Electronic Structure
Electron Microscopy
  Open Positions:
  Functional Interfaces in Physics and Chemistry

Complex Surfaces in Materials Science
FHI is one of the leading german Institutes in the field of heterogeneous catalysis, experiencing also an excellent international reputation. The department of Inorganic Chemistry offers opportunities for research work necessary to obtain a diploma or doctoral degree in chemistry or physics. The degree can be obtained in collaboration with the Berlin Universities.
We offer:
  • above standard advise due to small groups (up to 10 people)
  • a high number of analytical techniques, applied at a high level (state of the art equipment combined with the according know-how)
  • technical support by technicians and engineers
  • collaboration with academic research institutions and industry
  • scientific and cultural exchange with domestic and foreign guests and co-workers
  • opportunities to participate in conferences
  • 3-year financial support for doctoral students (the degree can usually be finished within this period of time)
  • an interesting environment in the exciting capital of Germany
The successful candidate ...

... is highly motivated and interested in science, willing to work in a team as well as at a high level of independence, and willing to take over responsibility. A diploma degree is required to be accepted in the doctoral program. It is highly recommended that foreign students inform themselves on the policy of the universities with degrees from their country and the acceptance of their particular degree. Currently open positions are listed below. Resumés are accepted ANY TIME. Questions, also regarding positions other than diploma/doctoral student (e.g. postdoc, trainee), are welcome anytime - please refer to the phone number and email addresses of the group supervisors.

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