File Formats 1018

LEEDpat uses different formats for file input/output. External structure files (LEEDpat type) are used for input and provide complete structure information to start a LEEDpat session. Structure data obtained during a LEEDpat session can also be saved on external structure files (LEEDpat format, ASCII type) for subsequent LEEDpat sessions. The LEEDpat format is described separately, see below.

In addition, LEEDpat file output includes high resolution PostScript format print output for documentation purposes. This saves the content of the present LEEDpat window as an encapsulated PostScript file to be printed on gray scale and color PostScript printers or inserted in text or graphics processing software. The PostScript format is described separately, see below.

LEEDpat file format  (*.pat)

PostScript file format  (*.eps)