BALSAC General Information

Thanks for your interest in BALSAC (NOT the poet!). Below you find some general descriptions on the software.

The program system BALSAC (Build and Analyze Lattices, Surfaces, And Clusters, (C) Copyright K. Hermann 1991-2022) allows the construction, visualization, and interactive analysis of general crystal lattices including single crystal surfaces (Lattice sessions) and of finite clusters and molecules (Cluster sessions). Numerical information and graphics can be stored on external data files using a variety of different formats including color PostScript to obtain high quality print output using PostScript printers and typesetting devices.

BALSAC versions exist for Linux/Unix-based workstations and mainframes using X.11 Windows for graphics output (IBM, HP, Silicon Graphics, SUN, and others) and for MS Windows-based personal computers. For further details on the Balsac software consult the Balsac home page and the Balsac manuals (Unix version 2.16, MS Windows version 4.30).

The BALSAC program system ((C) Copyright K. Hermann 1991-2022) is copyright protected and may be licenced from Please contact Ms. E. Heller for pricing information.

NOTE that as of February 1, 2002 Balsac is distributed free of charge.

View example pictures created with BALSAC.

See a batch application of BALSAC.

Here is output from a typical bulk lattice application of BALSAC.

Photo (80K)

Here is output from a typical surface application of BALSAC.

Photo (80K)

Here is output from a typical molecular application of BALSAC.

Photo (80K)