Glossary 9997

The following listing collects definitions and nomencalture used throughout this manual.

L-clicking                    (Left-clicking) click the left mouse button once. This is sometimes also called “clicking”

R-clicking                    (Right-clicking) click the right mouse button once.

D-clicking                    (Double-clicking) click the left mouse button twice in quick succession.

L-dragging                   (Left-dragging) moving the mouse while keeping the left mouse button pressed.

particle                        generic name a cluster/molecule or a lattice section.


"select menu A | B"     denotes the selection (by mous pointing or L-clicking) of menu B which is a submenu of menu A.

"$Balsac"                     generic name denoting the Balsac system directory.

"$dir"                           generic name denoting the input file / working directory.