Graphics Output (PostScript) 0447

Structural graphics information can be saved on gray scale or color PostScript files to be printed on PostScript laser printers or typesetting devices yielding publication quality graphics output. Printing Balsac PostScript files does NOT require a detailed understanding of the PostScript file format. However, PostScript files generated by Balsac can be easily modified in many ways, see also Editing PostScript files.

PostScript file output is achieved by L-clicking the “File | Save image …” entry of the option menu of the graphics window. This opens a standard MS Windows file output window for choosing an output file name and directory. Then, selecting “PostScript (*.eps, *.ps)” from the file type chooser at the bottom of the file output window, next to “Save as type:” sets the file format. Subsequent L-clicking the “Save” button will initiate the output of the particle picture, visible in the graphics window, as a standard (encapsulated) PostScript format picture. Before completing the output Balsac opens a separate PostScript output window allowing to set additional options concerning colors, shading, page format, and more. For further details consult Save PostScript Plot Files.

Balsac PostScript files are well structured ASCII files which can be easily modified with some basic knowledge of the PostScript programming language to yield even more sophisticated printouts. Details are given elsewhere.

For details of the different PostScript routines consult section PostScript file format.