next, previous Section / Table of Contents / Index [I] This option allows you to restart the present BALSAC/LATTICE session with new structure and graphics input from an external (LATUSE format) file. The prompt Input file name ("+"=def,"-"=esc) : asks for a character string fname (up to 72 characters) defining the file name, e.g. "input.lat". Here the one-character filename "+" is interpreted as that of the quicksave file 'balsac.lat' of the present directory while dummy input "-" returns to the BALSAC/LATTICE main option menu. The file name input is confirmed by Open: fname after which BALSAC starts the initial buildup sequence of the LATTICE session with input taken from file fname and continues running in batch mode until all option flags provided by the input file are used, see Secs. 3.4, 6.2.0. If an incorrect file name fname is given in the above prompt an error message ERROR: opening file for structure input File = fname Input file name ("+"=def,"-"=esc) : is issued and BALSAC repeats the file name prompt. If BALSAC is run in batch mode (option "I" in Card 1, see Sec. 6.4.2) the above prompt is replaced by batch file input using an extra Card with format (A72) defining the input file name fname (up to 72 characters). If fname is not a valid file name the above prompt will appear. next, previous Section / Table of Contents / Index