next, previous Section / Table of Contents / Index Keyboard input of numbers and text in interactive mode is always FORTRAN 77 free format type and has to be completed by [enter]. In the BALSAC manual ((C) Copyright 1991-2005 K. Hermann) this input will be enclosed in double quotes "...". The input format means in particular that - numbers can be abbreviated, e.g. "-0.0044000" by "-.0044" and "1.0" by "1" ; - sequences of identical numbers can be abbreviated using multiplication factors, e.g. "1.,1.,1.,1.,0." => "4*1.,0." ; - different numbers requested with one prompt have to be separated either by a coma, [,], by at least one blank, or by the [enter] key; Note that the program does not interpret a single key stroke [enter] as "0" (numerical zero) input. Errors in numerical or text input can be corrected by going back and overtyping before the input is completed with [enter]. In some prompts long numerical input can be cancelled by typing "/" + [enter]. Menu options are selected, apart from mouse input (see Sec. 3.3.8), by pressing a single key [A], [B], ... (the brackets are not meant to be typed) without [enter] where both lower and upper case input is accepted but can lead to different results. Erroneous option key input (i. e. key codes are not accessible in the menu) results in an error message [k] NOT AVAILABLE, enter correct option key : if key [k] was pressed. For cursor key characters [up], [down], [left], [right] used in graphics mode either cursor keys or appropriate keys of the number block on the keyboard can be used where the definitions are up [8] for [up] | [2] for [down] 7 8 9 [4] for [left] left - 4 5 6 - right [6] for [right] 1 2 3 | down For the Unix version of BALSAC only the above number block definitions and respective number keys may be valid if control sequences for cursor keys are not defined, e.g. for list output of atom coordinates (graphics modes 1, 11), see Sec. 6.2.7, 6.3.5. Mouse graphics input to BALSAC uses two buttons for the input selection. The PC version assumes a fully Microsoft compatible two button mouse (left/right buttons). The Unix/X.11 version is based on a three button mouse (left/ central/right) of which only the left and central (corresponding to "right" of the PC version) buttons are used, see Sec. 3.3.8 for further details. All numerical input/output using external files in batch or interactive mode is FORTRAN 77 fixed format-type. The appropriate format definitions are described in detail in Secs. 6.4.2 to 6.4.11. next, previous Section / Table of Contents / Index