next, previous Section / Table of Contents / Index All numerical structure information of BALSAC displayed on the screen may be printed with the hardcopy feature of DOS (press <shft>+<print>) on PCs or with respective screen dump utilities on Unix system. Further, memory resident hardcopy programs provided with several printers can be used on PCs. For PCs print output of VGA screen graphics is possible if DOS Version 5.0 or later and appropriate printer drivers are used. Note that PC color graphics displayed on black/white printers may be of unsatisfactory quality. PC hardcopy output is also possible with commercial memory resident screen capture/print programs such as CAPTURE, FRIEZE, or PIZAZZ Plus which are compatible with BALSAC. For Unix systems there are several public domain and commercial window dump utilities available which produce PostScript file output to be used with PostScript printers. Further, the public domain utility Ghostscript by Free Software Foundation, Inc. allows you to convert and print PostScript files on several non-PostScript printers, however, with reduced quality. BALSAC includes color and gray scale PostScript format file output of graphics which can be printed on PostScript laser printers for publishable high quality exceeding that of pixel dumps, see Sec. 6.2.8, 6.3.6. With the DOS version of BALSAC running on a PC and a PostScript printer connected as the main printer direct PostScript graphics output (without using an external file) is possible if the file name required for PostScript file output is given as "PRN". next, previous Section / Table of Contents / Index