next, previous Section / Table of Contents / Index The teach mode of BALSAC is meant to help you as an unexperienced user to learn all BALSAC features by yourself while you are building a structure. In this mode selecting an option from a BALSAC menu by pressing the respective key (or L-clicking inside the menu window) does not immediately execute this option. Instead, it shows a short explanatory text (in the text window) relevant for this option and taken from the help text file, see below. After this a prompt asks you to confirm the selection by pressing the key again (L-clicking the "X: Select" entry inside the menu window) or to reject the selection (press [,], L-click "Escape"). If you reject the selection BALSAC returns to the present menu window (mouse select mode) or shows a prompt line --> Select options from [ABC...,%] : listing all available option keys of the present menu including "%" inside the "[ ]" brackets. This allows you to continue with any of the options. Note that the help text is usually short and cannot replace the manual or this tutorial. If you want to work in teach mode you have to turn it on by either - including the option parameter "t" in the initial call to BALSAC, for example in the command "balsac -crt", see Sec. 6.1. (For help text the default on-line help file 'balsac2.hlp' is used but other names are possible, see Sec. 6.1.), or - selecting teach mode pressing [T] in the initial BALSAC startup menu, see Sec. 3.2. (For help text the default on-line help file 'balsac2.hlp' is used.), or - selecting teach mode ([T]) in the basic parameter option menu, see Sec. 6.2.15, after which the prompt Teach file name ("+"=def,"-"=esc): asks you for the name of the teach mode input file. In most cases you can use the default (file 'balsac2.hlp') and type "+" + [enter]. From now on you are running in teach mode which is confirmed by "[T]each( on)" in the parameter option menu, "...(teach)..." in the last line of the main option menu, and a modified escape prompt "[%,]esc" in all other menus. Teach mode may be rather slow and can bother you if you are more experienced. Therefore, you can turn it off in any menu by pressing [%] or L-clicking the bottom entry of the menu window (reading "%: CLUSTER Menu" in teach mode). After this a message Teach mode off, help active confirms the end of teach mode and tells you that interactive help is still available, see Secs. 3.3.3, 3.3.8. next, previous Section / Table of Contents / Index