next, previous Section / Table of Contents / Index Running BALSAC requires a genuine Unix workstation or mainframe interfacing with X.11 Windows (Release 3 or later). This includes workstations and operating systems IBM RS/6000 stations DEC alpha true64 unix Hewlett-Packard HP9000 SUN Silicon Graphics DECstations 5000 Convex Cxxx systems Linux based systems Apple Mac OS 10.x However, the BALSAC workstation software is guaranteed only to run on IBM RS/6000 stations (AIX 3.2.5). The system requirements are (a) hardware - 8 MB of installed memory - 5 MB of hard disk space for system files - color graphics adapter (256 colors) accessible from X.11 Windows, this may be a direct workstation interface or an X-Windows terminal - high resolution color monitor (minimum 800 x 600 pixels) - three button mouse pointer - black/white or color PostScript printer (optional) (b) software - Fortran77 compiler (objects linkable with C bindings) - C (ANSI) compiler (objects linkable with Fortran bindings) - Xlib X.11 Windows graphics library (revision 3 or higher) - C include files: Xlib.h, Xutil.h, stdio.h, termios.h next, previous Section / Table of Contents / Index