next, previous Section / Table of Contents / Index To install BALSAC under DOS 5.0 or higher copy all files of the original package listed below into a subdirectory of your PC hard disk. Then select the correct initialization file and copy it to a file named 'balsac2.ini' of the same subdirectory, see Sec. 2.3. This completes the DOS installation. BALSAC may also be run as a full screen DOS application under MS Windows 3.1x. For the integration of BALSAC in a Windows application group a file balsac2.ico is included on diskette 1 providing an appropriate icon. Note that running BALSAC as a DOS application inside MS Windows requires a minimum of 560kb free memory which may be available only after removing memory resident drivers from your system. The BALSAC (version 2.16) system uses files balsac.exe BALSAC run module balsac2.ini BALSAC initialization file balsac2.hlp BALSAC on-line help file balsac.trl BALSAC transfer file used for transfer (optional) BALSAC/CLUSTER --> BALSAC/LATTICE (optional) balsac.trp BALSAC transfer file used for transfer BALSAC/LATTICE --> BALSAC/CLUSTER (optional) file.lat BALSAC/LATTICE input/output files (LATUSE format, opt.) file.plt BALSAC/CLUSTER input/output files (PLOT3D format, opt.) where 'balsac.exe' and 'balsac2.ini' have to reside in the same DOS subdirectory. Note that several versions of 'balsac2.ini' are provided with the original distribution diskettes, see Sec. 2.3. The full documentation ((C) Copyright K. Hermann 1991-2005) of BALSAC is contained in file 'balsac2.doc'. The following table lists all files provided with the original BALSAC (version 2.16) distribution diskettes. Each file is described, its use (either required (R) or optional (O) ) is indicated, and its location on the diskettes is shown. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- file name file description use diskette -------------------------------------------------------------------------- balsac.exe BALSAC run module R 1 balsac2.hlp BALSAC on-line help file R 1 tstcol.exe utility for monitor/adapter checking, mouse tests, and color setting O 1 vgac6.ini initialization file VGA 6 colors, 2 tones O 1 vgac2.ini initialization file VGA 2 colors, 6 tones O 1 bwgraph.ini initialization file gray tones for black/white prints O 1 balsac2.ini is created from either vgac6.ini, vgac2.ini, bwgraph.ini R - balsac2.ico MS Windows 3.1x icon file O 1 readme.1st latest system changes, manuals guide O 1 balsac2.doc Complete documentation file: introduction, installation, tutorial, reference manual O 2 baltit21.ps PostScript format manual title page and example output of BALSAC to be printed on color/gray scale PostScript printers O 2 XMPLS directory containing examples of structure input files for BALSAC/LATTICE sessions (LATUSE format files *.lat) and for BALSAC/CLUSTER sessions (PLOT3D format files *.plt) O 1 HTML directory containing the present manual in a set of linked html files balm.n.htm, n= 0 .. 127 which can be viewed by web browsers (Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc.) where balm.0.htm is the master file containing the Table of Contents. O 3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- next, previous Section / Table of Contents / Index