next, previous Section / Table of Contents / Index Running the BALSAC system requires an IBM PC XT/AT, IBM PS/2 or fully compatible PC running MS-DOS or PC-DOS Version 5.0 or later. However, the BALSAC PC software is guaranteed only to run on IBM PS/2 systems with standard VGA adapters. The system requirements are - 640 Kb installed memory of which 560 Kb must be free for running BALSAC - Math coprocessor for Intel 80286, 80386, 80486-SX systems, not required for i80486-DX and Pentium based systems - 3 MB free hard disk space - VGA graphics adapter - color (or monochrome) monitor (640 x 480 pixels) - Microsoft compatible mouse pointer (optional but highly recommended) - black/white or color PostScript printer (optional) next, previous Section / Table of Contents / Index